Fast and Healthy Food Prep

Fast and Healthy Food Prep

The number one objection I hear from our clients at The Healthy Edge is lack of preparation which is typically coupled with the “I don’t have time” objection. Most people assume that it must take HOURS to prepare to eat healthy for the week. What if this wasn’t the case? What if you could set yourself up to win for the entire week in just an hour or two?

At The Healthy Edge, we showed people just how possible this was when I hosted a Food Prep Workshop on Facebook LIVE. Members of our Healthy Edge community shopped using my grocery list and followed along as I demonstrated (in my slippers) how to prepare healthy options for the whole week in less than two hours.

We began with setting our ovens to 350 degrees and cutting two butternut squashes in half and removing the seeds. After drizzling olive oil over them, turning them face down on a cookie sheet and adding about ½ cup of water, we placed them in the oven for 90 minutes. These would then be used to make butternut squash soup.

Next we moved to roasting beets. We cut off the tops, scrubbed the beets clean and placed them on a large square of aluminum foil. After drizzling and rubbing with olive oil, we wrapped them in the aluminum foil and set them in the oven along with the squash for 60 minutes.

We went on to prepare Crockpot Chicken and Vegetables (recipe below), taco meat with black beans, tuna salad, my husband’s amazing guacamole recipe, homemade salad dressing and salad fixings for the week. All of this in less than two hours.

I will be hosting more prep workshops that will include new monthly menus, a complete grocery and supply list and a recording of the workshop for you to have access to forever! If you are interested in joining me for our next session, check out

Let me show you how easy it is to create my Crock Pot Chicken and Vegetables.

Here is what you need:

  • Chicken breasts (2-4)
  • Carrots (3-5)
  • Celery (4 stalks)
  • Parsnips (2-4)
  • Zucchini (2)
  • White onion (1)
  • Parsley (1 bunch) optional
  • Kale (4-6 leaves) optional
  • Chicken or vegetable stock (4 cups)
  • Spices

The key to prepping is to be flexible, have fun and trust your gut! The amounts listed are all suggestions and can be modified depending on 1) the size of your crock pot 2) the ingredients you have in the refrigerator and 3) your family’s food preferences.

Parsnips, for example, are not a common ingredient used in many households, yet your family will probably love them as they are delicious and taste much like an “earthy” carrot. Try new ingredients and see if you can expand your family’s food horizons!

Once you have the ingredients on hand, simple drizzle a bit of olive oil in your crock pot and add your chicken breasts. Chop all of the vegetables. I know, some of you want to know: “How big should I chop them?” As big or as small as you like! It REALLY doesn’t matter. When I want to get this done in a hurry (which is every time I make it), the chopping is not just gets done!

Throw everything in the crock pot (except the zucchini, parsley and kale) and add the chicken stock. It is fine if the liquid does not completely cover the vegetables, it will when things begin to cook. You can also always add water if needed. You can store the zucchini, parsley and kale all together in a container for later.

Add spices such as basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, sea salt and cracked black pepper. You can also switch it up and add spices such as chili powder or curry. GET CREATIVE and don’t over think it!

Set the crock pot on low for six hours or on high for four hours. After the designated amount of time, check to see if the chicken easily falls apart. This will indicate that the chicken is cooked all the way through. Use tongs and a fork to shred the chicken.

Now for the final touches.

Add the zucchini, parsley and kale and keep the crock pot on low for another 30 minutes. If you would like to add a whole grain, you can add ½ - ¾ cup brown rice and cook for an additional 40 minutes instead of 30.

Once you have this recipe down, you will see just how quick and versatile it can be. In our household, we typically eat this for dinner one night and use the leftovers for lunch during week. It is delicious and so simple, you won’t believe you survived without it!

I hope you decide to join me for some of our future prep workshops which will include recipes such as bone broth, cauliflower mashed potatoes, nut bars and breakfast burritos! You can get more information about the next opportunity at