8-Week Transformation

Learn proven techniques to eat and live your way to better health and a slimmer waistline with The Healthy Edge 8 Week transformation program. Learn the foundation of a healthy lifestyle with simple, realistic and economical solutions for the obstacles holding you back. This transformation will leave you with the knowledge and tools to never have to diet again.

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Certified-coach-healthy-edgeProfessional Lifestyle Coaching.

Our certified coaches are highly trained to support and hold you accountable through The Healthy Edge journey. Get expert advice, goal setting, product guidance and weekly accountability to take your results to the next level. One-on-one coaching and group coaching is available depending on your schedule and location. FIND A COACH near you.

World Renowned

The Healthy Edge began in 2008 and is now in 3 countries. Amber Thiel, CEO, provides relevant, realistic and an nutritionally sound principles for healthy living for people of all ages, sizes and backgrounds.

he-cookbookLifestyle System

The Healthy Edge includes an online system that provides weekly coursework that includes audios, videos, downloadable PDFs and recipes. You also get a Healthy Edge Home Kit shipped to your doorstep additional support tools you need to be successful including  cookbook, guidebook and personal journal. Combine this with the support of one of our certified coaches and a committed attitude and you are destined to get results. This system provides both the how-to's of healthy living as well as the mental breakthrough necessary to make this lifestyle "who you are" rather than "what you do".

Online Community

After your 8 week journey (or before), you can choose to be part of our interactive online community. The Healthy Edge provide weekly support through newsletters and recipes as well as monthly health topics to keep you on top of the latest in healthy living.