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Simple And Clean Breakfast Recipes Anyone Can Do!

Although most people recognize that breakfast is necessary and important for energy, focus and overall health, there still seems to be a lot of confusion around the best way to maximize the power of breakfast. If done right, breakfast can increase the efficiency of your metabolism, cut down on cravings later in the day and...
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Chocolate Covered Cherry Smoothie

Did you know that cherries are loaded with anti-inflammatory, anti-aging AND anticancer compounds? This smoothie provides a healthy dose of cherries plus the delicious antioxidant benefits of raw cacao powder. Cacao beans are the original, unprocessed source of cocoa and chocolate and are considered a super food because of the incredible health benefits. This smoothie is nutritious...
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Top Ten Spices Every Kitchen Should Have

While every cook is different, there is one thing that stays the same in every kitchen, SPICES! Whether you are an experienced chef, a busy mom on the go or new to the kitchen, spices are a must. Here is our Top Ten List of Spices Every Kitchen Should Have!  


USES: Mostly used in Italian or Mediterranean...
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Party in a Blender


  • Is time a common objection around getting healthy?
  • Ever think healthy food is boring or tasteless?
  • When you do eat healthy, are you sick and tired of eating the same thing?
  • Do you ever get confused about what is really healthy or not at the grocery store?

You are going to LOVE our Party in a Blender Series!

  • Get some major confidence in the kitchen.
  • Learn to prepare food with NO COOKING required.
  • Be inventive and playful with food without “messing” it up!
  • Blend along with your family or friends.
  • Experience FUN in your health journey.

In this 3-part series, you will enjoy:

  • Smoothie Progression
  • Nut Bar Progression
  • Salsa Progression

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Join us today and be part of a community of people committed and dedicated to their health journey. If you decide you LIKE us, it’s only $9.97 monthly and you can cancel anytime. Stick with us and enjoy a 12 week Summer Shed challenge to get ready for the summer months ahead!