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Protein Powders: Good or Bad?

I began using protein powders when I was a college athlete. I felt confident my one or two protein shakes a day was the key to building muscle and melting away fat. Honestly, I just wanted to be “ripped” while performing at the top of my volleyball game. Fast forward to today, my goals have...
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Spanish Quinoa: A Delicious & Easy Side Dish!

Being brought up Mexican-American, Spanish rice was a main food staple in our home. But as I grew older and my eating habits changed, I started making healthier food choices which meant I did not eat Spanish rice as much. I really missed having Spanish rice with my other Mexican foods. Well, I love quinoa...
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How To Slow Cook Black Beans In A Crock-Pot

Black beans are very high in fiber, folate protein and antioxidants, along with numerous other vitamins and minerals. Black beans can be used in a variety of ways as part of a healthy lifestyle - here's a few of our favorite:
  •  Add to omelets.Black Beans 1
  •  Add to...
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Two Recipes That Will Make You LOVE Jicama!

Pronounced hee-ka-ma or hi-ca-ma a bulbous root vegetable native to Mexico. This is my new found favorite vegetable. I had it at one of our family gatherings this past year. It is also known as a Mexican potato, Mexican yam, Mexican turnip, and yam bean. To explain the taste I would have to say it mostly...
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