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The Scam of Fear

About a week ago, I returned a call to what I thought was the Office of Social Security. Over the course of five hours, I lost all of my money in my personal and business accounts. I write this from a place of humility and hope that my story will save other people...
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Surrender Your Shame

As we seek out our path to wholeness and living free, I think it’s very important to understand the distinct differences between guilt and shame. I think we can all agree that we want to live a guilt-free and shame-free life - however one serves for growth and can align us with our...
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Holiday Fun Without The Guilt

I place a high value on having fun. Fun as a mindset, rather than a 'dancing on tables' kind of fun. The holiday season is the perfect time to have fun with family and friends, and of course that is going to include lots of fun around food. The fun starts in a big way with Thanksgiving. After...
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