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The Temptations of Travel

Whether it’s going home to visit family in Ohio, who live 4 hours away by plane or traveling to a speaking engagement, travel is a part of my life. Most people throw in the towel on their health journey when it comes to “travel” or “vacation” with excuses such as 

Top Picks For Healthy Halloween Treats

Halloween is just around the corner and may be stressing you out as you think about being tempted by all of the sugary treats, not to mention your kiddos bouncing off the walls and constantly begging to eat their candy. At The Healthy Edge, we believe there is a time for indulgences, but always in moderation....
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Fun Family Fitness Ideas

One of the five daily goals in The Healthy Edge Lifestyle is to get in 45 minutes of exercise each day or 10,000 steps. Why not involve the entire family in this healthy pursuit? Childhood obesity and related issues like type 2 diabetes are a major issue in our country today. Lead by example and...
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Stove Top Quinoa and Black Beans

This recipe is a must try for those who need a quick, healthy and delicious meal to make for their family! Full of wonderful flavors, this recipe has minimum prep time and simmers on its own while you do the many other things on your to-do-list, besides cooking dinner. Experiment with the ingredients! This recipe is...
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