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What it really means when you say, I deserve it!

How many times have you talked yourself off the healthy eating path with the phrase, “I deserve it?”
  • I deserve that piece of cake (that turns into five by the end of the weekend) because it’s my birthday.
  • I deserve to eat five pieces of...
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Turn Back Time

Well, I have definitely seen a difference this year as to how my body adapts to Daylight Saving Time. In fact, I see that it does not want to change nicely! I thought the couple weeks leading up to the time change on November 1, 2015, waking up an hour earlier than normal was my...
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Be a Party Girl, Without The Party Pooch

It would happen EVERY year. The holidays would come along and all self-control (and reason) went out the window. I remember the evil little voice inside me saying, “Come on, it’s a party!” or “It’s okay, it’s the holidays, indulge!” and the almighty “You deserve it”.  Fast forward to after a couple glasses of wine...
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Winter Hibernation

Four years ago, in the Spring of 2011, I released 30 pounds by using the simple methodology of The Healthy Edge. Until November of 2014 I managed to stay within the same weight range, keep up a healthy exercise routine, and eat healthier. In November 2014, when I turned 40, things started changing. The week before...
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