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Winter Hibernation

Four years ago, in the Spring of 2011, I released 30 pounds by using the simple methodology of The Healthy Edge. Until November of 2014 I managed to stay within the same weight range, keep up a healthy exercise routine, and eat healthier. In November 2014, when I turned 40, things started changing. The week before...
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Why Can’t I Do What It Takes to Lose Weight?

Are you ready to finally lose the weight? Change the relationship you have with your body image? Achieve the health you've always wanted? Hello, my name is Coach Emmie, owner of Blissfully Healthy Women’s Weight Loss Center, where I specialize in helping women break free from emotional eating so that they finally lose the weight that...
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Coming of Age

November 13, 2014 I reached the fabulous age of 40. I am still a young chick! At this beautiful age I always expected to feel a supernatural sense of wisdom, power, and strength! I was 40 and I would feel more confident in myself and easily live the life I was meant to live. After...
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