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Holiday Party Patrol DOWNLOADABLE Audio Series (4-Part)

Holiday Party Patrol DOWNLOADABLE Audio Series (4-Part)
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DOWNLOADABLE MP3 Audios and PDFs. The holidays are stressful enough without worrying about your bloated belly and expanding hips. If you are ready for a different holiday reality this year. Create a new tradition of releasing weight while partying with the best of them! Enjoy this powerful 4-part Audio Series AND BONUS DOWNLOADS: 8 Ways to Control The Holiday Booze AND The Healthy Edge Holiday Cookbook

Part I: Identify Your Holiday Personality Style and YOUR STORY

How we do anything is how we do everything. Your holiday personality can provide incredible insight into the “story” you tell yourself that is either propelling you forward or holding you back in your health. Many times we don’t even choose our story…it’s based upon what other people have told us about ourselves. People live and die by their stories. If you want to get something different, you may need to make up a different story. Get ready to uncover and bring to light your holiday “story”!

Part II: Setting Yourself up to Win

What we currently have creating in our health is a result of our rituals. When the holiday season rolls around, we can find ourselves abandoning the positive and empowering rituals and replacing them with self-sabotaging ones. Get some tangible and simple tips to keep you on track this holiday season.

Part III: Dealing with the Family Dysfunction

We all have a little bit of crazy in our life. Discover where you are in a destructive thought process that can rob you of your joy and peace during the holidays. Get some powerful insight into how to deal with other people’s dysfunction without getting sucked into it or drinking/eating your way through it!

Part IV: Busting Through to a Breakthrough

The key to a breakthrough is within you. This audio will share with you the key ingredient to getting something different and more fulfilling in your life. Get ready to unleash the power that is within you to create exactly what you want in your health and life.

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