You Can’t Hate Your Body Into Results

You Can’t Hate Your Body Into Results

I spent many years battling my body. It was the enemy. I hated how it looked. I was jealous and resentful that other people had better bodies than me. I hated that I spent so much time thinking and obsessing about how to "fix" my body. It was exhausting and lonely.
Most of my clients feel as I did - that their body is something they need to "fix". When our body is the enemy and the problem, it is easy to see why diets, "food systems", shots and pills, surgeries - ANYTHING THAT PROMISES A QUICK FIX -  are appealing, at any cost. 

I recall seriously believing that there wasn't anything wrong with "me", it was my "body" that was the problem. I would tell myself, "I eat pretty well. I exercise. Of course I self-sabotage sometimes, but compared to other people, I was way more healthy. So why wasn't anything happening?" 

At the height of my obsession and depth of my struggle, I started binging and purging multiple times a day and abusing laxatives. I was so desperate that I was willing to try to "cheat" the system because deep down I felt that the only thing holding me back from happiness, love, peace and confidence was this darn "body" thing. 

Fast forward to now - almost 15 years later. I never thought I would ever use words like free, healthy, peaceful, confident, accepting and grateful to describe my body. Here's the golden nugget I have taken from my journey that I want to share with you today with the hope that it will bless you!

If you want results on the outside, you have to start with the inside. 

Read that again. It's NOT about your body's fault. Your body is a direct reflection of what is going on inside of YOU! Acknowledge the internal struggles, heal the brokenness left over from past hurts and disappointments, extend forgiveness towards people who told you horrible things about yourself that are not true and accept that you can only control you. From this place of inner healing everything will begin to change - your eating habits, exercise, who you hang around with, how you talk to yourself, your relationship with God, whether or not you decide you are worth the time and money to get the support you need and WAIT FOR IT... the physical changes will start to manifest on the outside. THIS WORKS! Thousands of women have done this through The Healthy Edge!

I realized that my outer environment was a reflection of my inner self. I struggled with rejection and feeling I was unloveable. This was exactly what I was doing to my body every time I looked in the mirror and judged it, felt disgusted about it or starved it or over-exercised it or stuffed it and then forced it to throw up. No wonder I wasn't feeling any love back! I was treating my body the way I felt on the inside. 

EVERYTHING began to change when I didn't just realize, but EMBRACED that my body and I are one. We do not exist without each other. I had to chose to love my body the way I wanted others to love me - unconditionally, fully and tenderly. I couldn't degrade, abuse, loathe, judge, cheat and punish my body and expect it to respond positively. From this place of love and respect permeating from the inside-out, diets and quick fixes are no longer appealing. 

Today, I encourage you to love your body just like we love our children (imperfections and all) and just as God loves us (full of forgiveness, grace and acceptance). If you need some support learning how to do this, I would encourage you to sign up for a free coaching session with me or learn more about our community where we support women who are on a journey to live full and abundant lives from the inside-out.