The Power Of Your Story

The Power Of Your Story

I'm 37 and I'm pregnant for the first time. I have realized how eager women are to tell me their horror stories on what being pregnant did to their bodies and the excruciating pain of childbirth. I have had to take a proactive approach to consciously decide what "my story" is going to be through this experience.

Just like in my health journey, I embrace the power of telling a story that serves me.

  • I don't tell myself, "I am getting fat". I tell myself, "I am growing a human being!"
  • I don't tell myself, "I have no idea what I am doing" but rather I tell myself, "I trust that God designed my body and instincts to know exactly what I need to know for this journey."
  • I don't ask myself, "What if I can't lose the weight?" I ask myself, "What choice can I make to support my body in being as healthy as possible?"
  • I don’t tell myself, “I can eat whatever I want, I’m pregnant.” I tell myself, “I am going to eat real, whole foods to grow my baby girl and nourish myself for this journey.”

The story we choose to tell shapes our beliefs and actions. Everyone has a story. It’s how we make sense of what has happened in our lives. Our story gives us direction on how we move forward, how we react and what we believe is possible for our future.

What is the story you tell yourself about WHY you are where you are in life? What is the story you tell yourself about your health or your marriage or your relationship with your kids? This is a powerful exercise. You can do this in your head, but it is much more powerful to write it down.

I find that when you embark on a journey like The Healthy Edge, they become aware of the stories your tell yourself and others that take away your power and the stories that empower you. A disempowering story focuses on what other people have done or said and blame circumstances for the areas of your life that you don’t currently like.

An empowering story can take any tragedy, misfortune or loss and create hope, passion and power in your life. When my mom died of cancer, I adopted a very toxic story that set me up to feel like a victim in my mom’s death. I subconsciously did this for pity and for permission to not get close to other people or take care of my health. I thought, why bother? I am going to get cancer and die anyway…just like my mom. Why would I want to get close to someone if they are going to eventually die and leave me?

Thank goodness I made a choice to rewrite my story. The same story of my mom’s death is now the catalyst for my commitment to my marriage, my health, my role as a mom and my mission as CEO of The Healthy Edge. My new story is through the experience of my mom’s death at the young age of 45, I embrace every day and opportunity with passion and appreciation. I strive to live on purpose and support other women in living their full potential. I want to make the most out of every moment and live out my God-given purpose.

Today I encourage you to embrace creativity and hope and begin to construct a story for your life that will open up possibilities for growth and abundance. What we focus on we create. What will you choose to create for your future as if you were given a blank canvas and no limitations?


AmberAmber Thiel
Amber is CEO of The Healthy Edge. She has passionately
created The Healthy Edge lifestyle system and a comprehensive health coach certification program to further her mission of empowering people to live their most abundant life.

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