A Game-Changing Definition of Love

A Game-Changing Definition of Love

Is it just me or do you sometimes do nice things for others with the deep-seeded expectation of praise, affection or acknowledgement? Ladies, do you ever feel like this towards your husband or children and turn into a raging lunatic or moody maniac when you don’t get what you NEED and DESERVE?

Please don’t stop reading…this is not intended to call you out AND you need to hear the rest of this – it’s really good.

Have you ever allowed your emotional state to be influenced by what someone said or did? Yikes, I have. I can admit that a few chips, chocolate bars and glasses (um, or bottles) of wine have been consumed because of the emotional tailspin triggered by the opinions or actions of others. Ugh. 

I wanted to share with you today the most powerful definition of love I have ever heard. I hope it blesses you beyond measure as it has me. HERE IT IS --->

LOVE is doing what is BEST for the other person, regardless of if we feel like it or if they deserve it, and expecting NOTHING in return.

I underlined and bolded the "real dingers" in this definition because some of you literally avoided those parts of the definition. (It’s okay, I got your back…go ahead and read it again, but this time the WHOLE THING.)

I challenge you to think for a moment about the reality of living out this definition of love every day. (Go ahead, take a few seconds. Shut your eyes.)

WOW! I know, "Amber for president", right? Just kidding.

When you love like this, you need people less, but you love them more. And when it comes down to it – this is what a good life is really about – LOVING WELL. Think about it. You are on your death bed…literally moments from dying….what do you think is going to be important to you? Will you be thinking about your car, house, 401K, expensive clothes, cell phone plan, flat screen tv, boat…?

No, you will be thinking about the relationships with people. People will be the focal point, not wine (this might be a close second), how much you weigh, a chocolate bar, a deep fried twinkie or pizza.

Hopefully, you don’t botch up the important relationships in your life and find yourself alone in those final moments. If you love like this definition, you will be surrounded by more love than you can imagine. The bottom line: More than anything, you will want PEOPLE because people represent love and we were created to LOVE.

Today I encourage you to remove all conditions from your love and love the way God loves you and created you to love. Enjoy the freedom of letting go of the pressure, expectations and conditions you have on those around you and just love them. This can then empower you to identify and remove some unhealthy coping habits you no longer need because you remove the responsibility from others to make you feel appreciated, worthy, good enough, beautiful, etc.

I love you. I do. You may not believe that is possible. But it is. I love you enough to write this blog, hoping that it touches a part of your soul that really wants to be free and to live immersed in love, joy, peace and freedom every day. Your health journey is all about love. It’s about the love you have for yourself (read that definition above again from that perspective) and being the best you can be so you can fully love those around you.

Happy Valentines' Day!