Appetizer: Shrimp Cocktail in a Boat

Appetizer: Shrimp Cocktail in a Boat

Simple to make and easy to eat, these Shrimp Cocktails in a Boat are perfect for any reason and any season. Enjoy as either a delicious and healthy appetizer or even a snack!



1. Start with Belgium Endive. Rinse under water, gently break off each leaf and arrange on a serving tray.


IMG_20150923_1759452452. Add a bit of your favorite cocktail sauce to each leaf with a spoon.



3. Layer baby shrimp on top of the cocktail sauce. You can change it up by substituting or adding crab meat for a crab cocktail or a crab and shrimp cocktail in a boat.



4. Top with finely chopped celery and red pepper. Sprinkle with freshly chopped dill. Just before serving add chopped avocado and squeeze fresh lemon juice over the boats. Serve to delighted family, friends and guests!



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