What Every Woman Needs

What Every Woman Needs

I recently had the pleasure of spending a couple days just with the girls!

When was the last time YOU spent time with just the girls?

It was two days away from my everyday life, husband, kids, business, house work, etc… to chill in a chalet with my buddies. I was blessed to be able to celebrate the 40th Birthday of my BFF of 24 years, Julie Boyer. She is a radiant woman whose dreams and goals are powerful, intentional and unlimited. Julie is a woman who absolutely embraced turning 40 and she is running wild with it.

To celebrate this wonderful milestone Julie couldn’t have picked a more perfect setting.

We were situated right along the Georgian Bay close to Blue Mountain resort in Collingwood, ON. The only thing besides our chattering voices that we heard were the waves crashing on the rocks throughout the night. We enjoyed much needed hot tub time, tubing at the base of the mountain, sleeping in (OK, not much sleeping in, but I didn’t feel obligated to get out of bed), eating amazing whole foods, and the best part was the laughter (about relationships and 'remember when stories) and of course the love that was shared between old and new found friends.

You see, as we get older, it is vitally important to stay connected to the women in our lives. Whether you are married, divorced, dating, single, widowed, or possibly any of the aforementioned and have kids still at home, we all need the companionship of other women. It is what keeps us sane and motivated and encouraged!

Thanks to my husband’s career opportunities I have traveled to and lived in many different places in the past 18 years. I have learned to make friends pretty quickly with other women. I have become friends with women in all stages of life; late teens, young adults, moms, women without children and grandmothers. I consider each one my sister. I have done this both out of necessity of talking to other adults, and mostly out of the pure joy of discovering the beauty of friendship with other fascinating women. Each one has helped me to grow in different ways that have contributed to the woman I am today.

I have actually found myself over the past year truly making more of an effort to say YES to going out with the girls whether for the day, night, or weekend. I have traveled to Toronto 4 times in the past 9 months for different girl time events. And just so you know, I consider my Mom to be one of my best girlfriends. I have enjoyed many hours this past year with her in such special ways.

NO woman should be in this world without the support of other encouraging women. Life is too short not to be able to share all the glories of womanhood with those of us who actually get it. Honestly, men do not understand, just as us females do not truly understand men.

Go out and find your tribe if you do not already have one. FIND MANY. Celebrate your life in community, with those who lift you up and help you to smile, laugh, cry, and love unconditionally. It is for your own good!


Lee-AnneLee-Anne Chase
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