Coming of Age

Coming of Age

November 13, 2014 I reached the fabulous age of 40. I am still a young chick! At this beautiful age I always expected to feel a supernatural sense of wisdom, power, and strength! I was 40 and I would feel more confident in myself and easily live the life I was meant to live. After all, I was now the magical age of 40.

Have you heard the saying “40 is the new 30”? Do you know why “they” say this? Women are having kids later. Instead of having families at the young age of 20-22, we are going to college or university and getting educated for careers first! A typical age to start a family these days is between 30 and 35. Some women are even having kids in their 40’s! So we have shifted the cycle by 10+ years! (By the way, I highly encourage younger families! You have way more staying power!)

Get this, WE ARE STILL OVER 40! We may be doing things a little later, AND OUR BODIES DO NOT CARE! If you have ever given birth to even one child you know the lasting effects on your hormones and the rest of your physical body. I had my first child the year I turned 30. I have not been the same since. After each subsequent child I noticed more and more significant changes. Specifically, the difference from how easy to how hard it is to keep the weight off and, incontinence!

Some of you can relate to me as I sit here in the dark, wide awake, at 4:45 am, with only a faint light to see my keyboard. This is one of the many benefits of aging for me. The early to bed, early to rise has been getting more profound! I have never been a late night person, and after being a parent for 11+ years I quite appreciate the serenity of being up at 6 am. I do not even need an alarm clock! Some may cringe, and understandably. I used to gripe about the early mornings that came too soon after being up half the night playing musical beds with the kids or nursing a baby back to sleep. Now that my boys range between the ages of 6 and 11, even if they are up, I give myself between the hours of 6 and 7 am to take care of me. (Of course when I turn 50 I may end up back in the sleepless phases worrying about what my boys are doing out past midnight! Then maybe the 6 am hour won’t look as appealing.)

I will soon be 41 and I am very aware that my body is different compared to when I was 20, which means I get to do things differently. This includes things like carefully choosing what I put in my mouth, what types of exercise I engage in, and how much sleep I get. At this changing point in my life I am looking for new and different ways to support my body and keep it as healthy as possible for a lot longer.

Throughout these blogs I hope to encourage women of all ages by sharing my own experiences of frustration and failure. Do not worry, I am not going to dump all the yucky stuff and leave a mess. There may be frustration, and through each experience there is always some sort of victory. Not only am I still learning what works and what doesn’t work for my physical body, I am gaining a deeper understanding of who I am and who I get to be and what choices I get to make in order to live a happy and fulfilling life as I age.


Lee-AnneLee-Anne Chase
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