Self Guided Program

busy woman

While managing your CRAZY life, are you experiencing...

  • exhaustion
  • weight gain
  • depression
  • insomnia
  • digestive issues
  • headaches or migraines
  • aches and pains
  • lack of confidence
  • low self-esteem
  • hopelessness
  • lack of a sense of purpose??

You know ignoring your health is NOT in your best interest, but we're guessing you have filled your head with some excuses...

  • I'm too busy.
  • I've tried EVERYTHING and NOTHING works.
  • Healthy is too expensive.
  • Healthy is hard.
  • I have no idea who to listen to or what to do.
  • I don't know how I would possibly fit one more thing in my life.
  • My family will never go for eating healthy.
  • I love my wine and chocolate way too much to give them up.
  • I'll start next Monday.
  • I know what to do, I just don't do it.

We are also sensing that you are probably a giver. You sacrifice a lot of your time and energy to your family, work, church, friends, community, etc. I am sure you enjoy helping others and probably feel (at some level) a sense of obligation to keep these commitments you have filled your life up with. Don't get us wrong. Giving to others feels great, but sometimes it doesn't. Have you ever had moments when you feel resentful, tired, impatient, overwhelmed and frustrated and moments you wish you just had a little leftover to give yourself? (Moms and Dads of small children can't even get bathroom time to themselves!) Unfortunately we are not taught that when we pour out to others we must fill ourselves back-up. Ignoring this principle depletes our energy, wrecks our digestion, throws off our hormones and causes us to self-medicate in many ways to try to fill back up.

stress weightBut let's be honest, trying to juggle the complexities of our lives while feeling exhausted and hating our body is no way to live. It stinks.  And even though our health is going down the tubes and our gut is uncomfortably oozing over our pants and the passion is out of our marriage because of our body image issues, we still find a way to slap a smile on our face and fulfill our obligations. But at a deep heart level we know, that we are not the parent, spouse, friend, sister, brother, business owner, team member, volunteer, etc. we were created to be. We partner with guilt, anxiety, stress, fear and hopelessness and we use food, alcohol and laziness to fill a void that can never be filled.

You think of getting healthy often. Who doesn't. You watch commercials on the television and listen to what your friend did to lose 20 pounds, but you know the enticement and excitement is all hype. You've been down the road of diets and hype and restriction and calorie counting and it doesn't work for you. It's not that the system doesn't spell out exactly what to's that the system isn't how you really want to live. It's not sustainable.

The truth is that people won't stick to something unless it's...

  • Simple
  • Convenient
  • Realistic
  • Fun
  • Exciting
  • Long-lasting

...And fit into a busy and hectic schedule.

red-wine-chocolate-imageWe're also guessing that you enjoy the occasional (or frequent) indulgences and like us, don't want to live a life without wine, chocolate, and/or bacon! We agree!

The strategy we would suggest (if we have your permission) is swapping out some not-so-healthy habits for some healthier ones. Your current results are an accumulation of what you are choosing to do MOST OF THE TIME, not what you do some of the time. This shift in perspective allows you to choose an occasional indulgence and no longer consider that decision as "falling off the wagon". Perfection is the lowest standard possible, because it's impossible to achieve.


From Amber Thiel, Founder and CEO

Here's a little perspective that has supported me in overcoming my diet obsession to truly transition into a lifestyle. Most people resist discipline. They tell themselves they are not disciplined. They think discipline means rigid, boring, no fun, etc. But here's the truth. If you get results without building discipline, you will be unable to keep the results. The journey to a healthy lifestyle and amazing emotional and physical health requires us to build up the discipline needed to hold on to the results we create.

Amber Thiel - CEOA diet does exactly the opposite. It tempts us with the results without building in the discipline required to keep the results. And the diet/quick fix mentality fits into our culture of instant gratification and looking for an easy way out. There is no easy way out. If there was, Oprah would be a size two.

We all know the reality of where diets takes us both physically and emotionally. I care about you way TOO much to take you down a path that will eventually lead right back to where you currently are. That's not an option. Personally, I choose to look at discipline as the source of my fruitfulness. It is what leads me to my amazing health, outstanding marriage and my close walk with God. It is what gives me all the gifts I have in my life. A lack of discipline feels good in the moment but always ends up taking us to a place filled with guilt, regret and shame that if left unchecked will lead to hopelessness. Stop the insanity of this cycle now! The quality of your life depends on it. Choose to embrace discipline as a source of power to achieve anything you want in life. - Amber

The Healthy Edge Solution

The journey to health is just that, a journey. And at The Healthy Edge, we believe in brutal honesty (from a place of love). The journey we offer isn't something you do for 3 months or 6 months and then BAAM...your fixed and life is perfect. In order to continue to enjoy the results of a healthy lifestyle, you have to continue on the journey. (Notice I did not say a perfect journey.)

Throughout the 8-weeks of The Healthy Edge you will learn the TRUTH about

  • he_logo_small_whitehow your body works
  • how to properly eat throughout the day
  • how to work with your body to maximize your metabolism
  • how to increase the effectiveness of working out
  • how to really determine if a food in a box or bag is healthy or health-robbing
  • how to keep stress from affecting your health and body
  • how to manage work and a healthy lifestyle
  • what else affects your weight beyond food and exercise

...and so much more!


 Healthy Edge Lifestyle Program

Here's the hard truth (from a complete place of love). With all of your failed attempts, the common denominator in those attempts are you. There are patterns in your life when it comes to weight and health that are REPEATING themselves over and over again. We HAVE to address these patterns and ANNIHILATE them if you want results long term. You are not broken, you simply need a bit of reprogramming. Most of us do.How-to's are great and as you can see, we have a lot of those, but if we don't address your mindset, this will be ONE MORE thing you have tried and failed at. And we're not okay with that.

Why We Are Different? Health is a Mindset!



You see, that is what sets The Healthy Edge apart. We know that self-sabotage, emotional eating, negative self-talk and using food as a system for reward and punishment are not going to be solved simply through learning how-to's...even though they are powerful and necessary. The truth is that we have to address the beliefs that have driven your actions up to this point and do a bit of rewriting and rewiring.

Kind of sounds like therapy, huh? Well, for some of you it may feel like that, but the freedom and empowerment you will feel when you REALLY address what is holding you back is one of the most liberating and powerful experiences of your life. Because from this place, ALL THINGS are possible...not just in your health, but in every aspect of your life.

Amber Speaking 3You're probably thinking...okay, what's the process/system/answer? The Healthy Edge has been developed and refined over the last seven years with thousands of lives transformed as proof it really works. The CEO and Founder, Amber Thiel, brings a background of biology, anatomy and physiology, human nutrition, education, coaching and personal training and has created a program that is also a reflection of her own personal emotional and physical transformation. Everything offered through The Healthy Edge will guide and empower you to transition your current lifestyle to a healthier one so you can finally see and feel results that you can keep.

Let's talk about what you get. At The Healthy Edge we believe in accountability. The Healthy Edge can be experienced with the support of a coach. You may be checking out this website because your coach sent you here. That's great and you should contact them directly to take the next step.


You can also choose to not work with a coach. Either way, this is what it's included:

Home Kit with All The Essentials Shipped To Your Doorstep

  • participantmembershipThe Getting Started Right Guide that includes:
    • Defining and Creating Your BIG WHY
    • Creating a Safe Environment
    • Grocery and Pantry Shopping List
    • How to Create Your Rock Star Food Plan
    • Ideas for QUICK Low-Glycemic Meals and Snacks
    • The Five Healthy Edge Daily Goals
    • How to Be Healthy and Enjoy Those Foods (and Drinks) You Love Too!
    • How to Kick Self-Sabotage to the Curb!
  • Wellness Tracker for Daily Accountability and Focus
  • The Healthy Edge Cookbook - 120+ Whole Food Recipes (gluten and dairy-free friendly)

Online Membership Site With Access to The 8 Weekly Healthy Edge Courses

  1. How to Get Started on Your Journey
  2. Insulin Resistance and Low-Glycemic Eating
  3. Eating Out and At The Workplace
  4. Exercise
  5. Reading Food Labels
  6. The Top 10 Additives and Preservatives Making You Fat and Sick
  7. How to Maximize Fat Loss (Caffeine, Stress, Alcohol and Sleep)
  8. What Now? The Key to Ongoing Success

JenniferbeforeandafterOnline Membership Site Also Includes:

  • 8 Empowering Audios
  • Downloadable Notes For Each Course
  • Additional Downloads
  • 300+Online recipes


  • 2 - 45 minute Coaching Sessions with Health Coach (Week 1 and 8)
  • Virtual Health Coach (email)
  • Exclusive Private Facebook Community
  • Hundred of Hours of Additional Audios and Videos From Amber
  • Meal Plans
  • Product Reviews

Watch this short intro video from Amber. She rocks!


This is not about changing behavior, this is about changing your mindset and beliefs about what is possible in your health and weight. It's about discovering the BEST you and living your most abundant life.

The Power Of Decision

Results After 12 Weeks!

Results After 12 Weeks!

Any decision has the power to change the course of your life. But a real decision requires action. The fear will try to stop you. The fear will tell you that you can't do it or that this won't work. The fear is what keeps you stuck in life repeating the same patterns over and over. Everything that is worth getting requires us to stretch and expand ourselves and to walk through the fear (or bring it with us). Read some real results from real people who had the same fear and doubt you had, but they choose to have faith in themselves and an approach that actually makes sense.

At The Healthy Edge, we are 100% committed to you discovering and living your abundant life, however this journey requires you to be an active participant. If you are ready, we are ready to guide you on a journey that will positively affect every aspect of your life and your family's life. We believe everyone has the power to transform their health...and it begins with taking the first step. Join our self-directed program today or choose a complimentary coaching session with one of our professional health coaches. Either way, make today the day you made a decision to get healthy for life.