We need food to live.

We need food to live. Everyday we CHOOSE what we eat. The reality is that food does not knock on our door, climb into our pantry and pry open our mouths to get down into our stomach. We physically put food into our own bodies. We make a CHOICE.

Of course we want our food to taste good. Not even good, we want food to taste GREAT. Food represents so much more than nutrition for most of us. It's an experience, it's social, it's comfort...it's love. Eat food that is bland and boring and at some point you will find ourself surrounded by fast food or candy wrappers after a retaliation binge.

At The Healthy Edge, we get it. We LOVE food too and believe you should be able eat healthy and NEVER sacrifice taste. This is exactly why we created The Healthy Edge cookbook.


If you want to move away from processed foods so you can be healthier and thinner, you are going to need to find an alternative that is simple and realistic. We understand that no one wants to travel all around town to find some weird, exotic ingredient that is also super expensive.  Our recipes have simple ingredients you can pronounce and find at any store.  Prep times are under 20 minutes and Chef Tips for each recipes provides suggestions for saving even more time.


EconomicalPeople choose processed and convenient foods because they are cheap, right? The fast food and processed food industry wants you to believe that these are the only economical and efficient solutions when it comes to food. They don't let you in on the fact the you are purchasing calories and chemicals, not nutrition. The lack of nutrition in convenience food leads to you feeling sluggish, bloated, irritable and possibly with a throbbing headache that you will spend money medicating. Have you ever been hungry shortly after inhaling a fast food meal? That's because your body is not satisfied. Whole food meals, like the ones found in The Healthy Edge cookbook, fuels your body with energy and nutrition. This will keep you energized, satisfied and feeling in control. Priceless!


Gluten FreeNot everyone needs to be gluten or dairy-free, but both cofounders of The Healthy Edge have Celiac Disease, so it's a way of life for them. The Healthy Edge Cookbook is based on WHOLE FOODS and therefore, allergens are easier to avoid when you are cooking with whole foods that have no added ingredients. Not all recipes are gluten or dairy-free but over 100 recipes are and the rest can be slightly modified (check out Chef's Tips) to fit your needs. If you have ever considered that you might have a gluten or dairy sensitivity, these recipes could provide some great ideas to see if you feel better upon eliminating or cutting back on these allergens.


Kid FriendlyGranola Bars, Popsicles, BBQ Sauce, Easy Baked Chicken, Not Your Mom's Meatloaf, Turkey Burgers, Omelettes and Chicken Pineapple Fajitas are just a few of the kid's favorites and are all included in The Healthy Edge Cookbook. We suggest not making a BIG announcement that you are eating healthier, but rather present these dishes at dinner without mentioning they are "healthy".  You will be amazed at how spouses and kids react. This will surely build your confidence that health can happen in your home. We have also included a Kids Section with tons of ideas for quick and convenient option for school lunches and after school snacks.




“I bought your cookbook and have been trying the various recipes for 3 weeks. What a difference in my vitality, health and waistline. I have also noticed a sharp decrease in sugar and caffeine cravings…and my waistline! Yah!”

— Vikki Kiehl, Puyallup, WA

“Our kitchen is always stocked with Healthy Edge approved foods! We use the Healthy Edge Cookbook daily – for quick, easy and fabulous meals and snacks! Cooking together is one great way to celebrate life!”

— Dave and Terri Schiel, San Diego, CA
Not Your Mom's Meatloaf

Not Your Mom's Meatloaf



Perfect Party Vegetable Dip


Asparagus and Chicken with noodles

Asparagus and Chicken with Noodles




Pork Tenderloin with Apples

Pork Tenderloin with Apples


Avocado Black bean salsa 2

Avocado and Black Bean Salsa


Pico de Gaillo 2

Pico de Gallo