Be a Party Girl, Without The Party Pooch

Be a Party Girl, Without The Party Pooch

It would happen EVERY year. The holidays would come along and all self-control (and reason) went out the window. I remember the evil little voice inside me saying, “Come on, it’s a party!” or “It’s okay, it’s the holidays, indulge!” and the almighty “You deserve it”.  Fast forward to after a couple glasses of wine and the voice would say, “Well, since you’ve come this far, you might as well go for it and really blow it!” Please tell me I am not the only one who hears these types of voices, especially during the holidays.

I remember feeling the guilt of the choices I had made the night before as I would drive to the next evening’s festivity. My guilt and bruised self-esteem would allow the voice to kick in and say, “Go for it Amber, after all, the holidays only last a couple of months. You’ll get back at it in January!” But after too many holidays that left me feeling run down, sick, moody, pudgy and depressed, I decided enough is enough!

I discovered there are ways to enjoy the holidays feeling energized and in control, while still having fun (yes, and drinking wine). How amazing would you feel if you didn’t gain one single pound this holiday season and you didn’t have to do the dreaded “D” word (diet) for this year’s resolution? This is the year, my friend!

Basic guidelines:

Here are some basic guidelines I live by to deal with the onslaught of parties and holiday celebrations to keep my cravings under control and my metabolism stoked.

  • Eat breakfast, even if you are not hungry. Choose low-glycemic and whole food based.
  • Drink water all day long. I drink 80 oz. daily. Dehydration can be masked as hunger.
  • Eat every 2-3 hours following breakfast. If you are a calorie counter, you are probably about ready to have a heart attack, but trust me, it works and is the number one way to keep binges and cravings at bay.
  • Have a light snack immediately before the event. Going to an event starving (because you saved your calories up) will end up doing the opposite of what you wanted it to EVERY TIME.

The biggest results in these shifts will be increased energy levels and a more positive and empowered outlook. You will find yourself less tempted to overdo it at parties because your hormones and appetite are balanced and you will actually feel motivated to make better choices.

Okay, so here’s some more specific holiday party tips:

  • Commit to one or two glasses of wine instead of a whole bottle. You save yourself from being “that person” at the holiday party that people are talking about the next day.
  • Choose the smallest size plate and fill it with a sampling of your favorite foods instead of full servings. Actually acknowledge the food, chew the food and appreciate the taste, rather than acting like this is your last meal. I assure you, it is not.
  • Carefully choose a dessert and offer to split it with your spouse or friend. Or choose one night a week (if you have multiple parties) that you will choose to eat dessert.

The benefit? You leave with your dignity and your pants stay buttoned on the drive home! You also might start to see yourself in a different light when you realize that you still had fun (and remembered it) without overindulging.


AmberAmber Thiel
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