My Healthy Kid Eats Hot Dogs

My Healthy Kid Eats Hot Dogs

Recently, I visited my family in Ohio. I am always in awe of both of my sisters who have THREE children each. As many of you know, I only have one, and on most days I seriously feel like I am functioning with half a brain. I have heard this same sentiment from other moms, so I know that I am not alone, however that doesn’t make it any less frustrating to not be able to find your keys (or phone or car in the parking lot), not shower for days on end, wear the same yoga pants and sweatshirt all week, read the same book 25 times a day and never pee or poop alone.

Of course I wouldn’t change it for the world, but seriously, this is hard work.

Now that Berlyn has entered the “terrific twos”, food is becoming more of a hot topic. She can officially tell me what she “wants” along with what she “doesn’t” want. I may be a fitness instructor, health coach and CEO of The Healthy Edge - but the reality is that everything that goes into my kid’s mouth isn’t organic or whole foods.

I know.

It’s shocking.

I am shocked myself.

I remember when I didn’t have Berlyn and I would stand on stage preaching to women about how to get their kids to eat healthy. I would tell them they needed to “suck it up” and make it happen. If your kids are really hungry, they will eat the healthy food you present to them. Right?

Um, I would like to officially apologize for those statements. Sincerely.

I have been humbled...BIG TIME.

I get it now.

Here’s some honesty. I bought some organic, grass-fed hot dogs for Berlyn for a “quick” option. Guess what? Berlyn wanted a hotdog EVERY DAY for almost four months. And you know what? I gave her one almost EVERY DAY for four months.

Then she had a taste of organic stone ground tortilla chips. She woke up the next morning and wanted tortilla chips for breakfast. For breakfast!

Since celebrating her second birthday in Ohio, she has been asking for “cake” every day. I have to say that I did scrape the frosting off of the cake to limit the sugar exposure...

Progress, not perfection, right?

There is nothing like the desire to give your baby something that will make them happy. Something that they so desperately want. I get the pull mamas feel when they KNOW eating healthy is going to bless their children in the long run, but convenience and sanity seems so appealing and often times wins.

Both of my sisters are committed to exposing their kids to healthy eating, and just like our own health journey’s - it isn’t all-or-nothing. Some days are better than others, but there is always a commitment to not let the train derail from the tracks.

I wanted to share a fun breakfast option that my sister, April, does for her kiddos (13, 7 and 5) that is a combination of a healthy breakfast (or lunch) option and a “special treat” for the kiddos.

Drum roll please…..Banana and Peanut Butter Cakes

Okay, so you begin with making pancakes. Make a big batch on Sunday or Monday so you have them throughout the week. Heat up in the morning. Spread creamy peanut or almond butter on the pancakes. Slice bananas (or strawberries) and arrange on the pancake. You can make a funny face or even have your kiddos put the bananas on themselves. Then DRIZZLE (not pour) 100% pure maple syrup over the pancakes. (I don’t even need to use syrup for Berlyn.)

April’s boys like theirs to be cut into bite-sized pieces with a pizza cutter, so I arranged the bananas in a way that allowed me to easily cut in between. The boys LOVE this special morning treat.

Do you love this?

So, while your kids believe they are getting a “special treat”, you can pat yourself on the back for making healthy fun and delicious...not perfect.

I just had to share this in hopes that it will inspire the moms out there just trying to holding it together. You got this. I got this. And for those of you who are no longer moms to littles, perhaps this can be a special treat for your grandkids, husband or you!

Note: I like to use Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free pancake mix. I use 1 egg and 1 single serving container or ½ cup of applesauce (instead of 2 eggs) just because Berlyn has a slight egg sensitivity. I also add in some cinnamon, a drop of vanilla and even ½ of a ripe banana (mashed).