Mom Gets Unstuck And Releases 40 Pounds

Mom Gets Unstuck And Releases 40 Pounds

When did “healthy” become hard for you?

Was it when you went to college and gained the freshman 15? Was it when you started your first desk job? Or maybe it’s when you got married and had kids that the struggle began.

Amber ThielI get the struggle. I am 37 and pregnant with my first child. My husband and I both run our own businesses. We are not only committed to our growing family and businesses, but great health, an amazing passionate marriage, strong friendships and travel. Yes, I believe it is possible to have it all, but it takes commitment, focus and consistent attention.

I have heard the horror stories of how pregnancy and children DESTROY women’s bodies, leaving them with a broken metabolism, stretch marks, hormone imbalances and the inability to jump on a trampoline without leaking fluids.

I am a firm believer that health begins with a positive and committed mindset. Mindset drives actions and actions lead to results (good or bad). It is this fundamental belief that drives the mission of The Healthy Edge and is the foundation for the inspiring story you are about to hear.

When you meet Kimberly, you can’t help but notice her infectious smile, enthusiastic outlook on life, fit body and unstoppable energy. Looking at her today, you would never know that she struggled for years with her weight. You would never know she hated her body, lacked confidence and felt embarrassed when she stood in front of her Jazzercise class. She didn’t believe she represented the image of a fitness instructor and feared people weren’t taking her seriously.

Kimberly gained weight during her second pregnancy. She tried her old methods of losing the 40 pounds that included various diet techniques and programs, but nothing worked.

It didn’t make sense. She worked out almost daily (sometimes multiple times a day) as a Jazzercise instructor and the weight remained. She thought that was it. She was broken.

Kimberly found The Healthy Edge program and it challenged her to address her mindset about her relationship with food and her body. It was no longer about her body failing her but rather what could she do to support her body to work for her. She realized she had done many things over the years that actually supported and encouraged her body to hold onto fat, rather than release it.

Kimberly’s lifestyle is driven by whole foods (not low-calorie or low-fat), eating frequently throughout the day (not restricting or saving up calories), drinking water (not diet sodas or sports drinks) and letting go of resentment, guilt and judgment (which leads to emotional eating and a cascade of stress hormones).

Kimberly committed to a new mindset and therefore created new actions: aka habits. She trusted. She transformed her life, released the weight and is on the continuous journey to fully love her body and embrace the journey.

This reality is possible for you as well. If you chose to no longer blame your spouse, the kids, time, money, your metabolism, bad genetics, etc. and you decide to address your emotional eating, the excess wine, the dieting, the nightly binges…whatever it is…great things will happen for you.

We’ve been there. It’s why I started The Healthy Edge eight years ago and why Kimberly decided to become a coach and advocate. Our commitment is to empower and support other women who are unwilling to settle for where they currently are and desire to discover their full health potential.

If you would like to talk to Kimberly or myself, we would love to talk to you. Simply email and refer to this blog and I will be in touch!


AmberAmber Thiel
Amber is CEO of The Healthy Edge. She has passionately
created The Healthy Edge lifestyle system and a comprehensive health coach certification program to further her mission of empowering people to live their most abundant life.

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