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personal-trainerIf you are a personal trainer or fitness instructor, people seek you out to support them in positive physical changes; a lean and firm body, more energy and great health. If you can deliver this, you will have more business than you can possibly manage.

As a personal trainer, it's not just about how much you know, but how much you care! When you take on someone as a client, it’s a joint relationship. You partner WITH your client to get them to results.

What if there was MORE you could offer to your clients that would get them results faster and ensure that they keep their results? Oh, and it would make you more money with less time?

The Reality of Why People Fail

bread-healthy-edgeNo matter how amazing you are as a trainer, your clients may fail to reach their goals because they don’t know how to eat properly.  It's amazing how committed people are to workout, but they lack commitment to eat right. To have amazing workouts, your clients should fuel their bodies with the proper carbs, proteins and good fats.  When your clients fail to do this, they fail to maximize the results of YOUR personal training or fitness instruction. Not too good for business.

Personal Training At It's Best

amber_thiel_coachAmber Thiel, CEO of The Healthy Edge, began The Healthy Edge lifestyle program FOR her personal training clients after becoming exhausted and unmotivated training clients that were blowing their results at home.

While a personal trainer really can’t design meal plans, you can provide basic information and guidelines that will help your clients prepare for their workouts, motivate them to eat healthy, and hold them accountable. With The Healthy Edge, we have created a lifestyle system that is done for you! All you have to do is share the system with your clients!

Why Do People Work With You?
Passion, Motivation, Discipline, Experience, Knowledge, Variety, Results.

Studies show that people looking to improve their fitness and improve their health achieve much greater results when using a personal trainer. An effective trainer provides motivation, accountability, education, discipline and fun.

So What Do You Do About The Nutrition Thing?

Your clients have to do more than workout to get results, but diets are dangerous and do not work. You try to explain to them in their one hour workout that they need to eat breakfast, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid the processed food and fast food.  They nod their head and agree they need to make some dietary changes, but it’s six months later and it’s obvious they are haven’t applied one thing you have discussed with them. This is a huge gap in the personal training business that is affecting your clients and your bank account. What if there was a way to support your clients with this aspect of their health journey without becoming a dietician or spending tons of extra hours with your client?

The Healthy Edge Solution

Brian and Amber hikeAmber Thiel, CEO, has a background in Biology and Education and taught Human Nutrition and Wellness as a college professor. She was also an elite athlete, competing and coaching at the college level in volleyball. As she went on her own journey after collegiate sports to take her health and body to the next level, she became very passionate about the nutrition side of results (and wished she had applied this when she was a collegiate athlete). As she started training her clients, she saw very clearly where they were getting stuck. It didn't matter how hard she pushed her clients, if they were not fueling themselves properly, the results were slow to happen, if they happened at all.

The Healthy Edge is the solution to that problem. Amber and her husband, Brian created an eight week lifestyle system, first for Amber's clients and their families. They then shared this program with over 250 people before taking it to the masses. This program is now available for other personal trainers and fitness instructors to become certified Healthy Edge Coaches and use this comprehensive system with their own clients.

Imagine having the education, empowerment, recipes and support tools DONE FOR YOU! Your clients simply PAY YOU to get access to the materials online and they also receive support tools such as a cookbook, guidebook and wellness tracker and you do what you do best: motivate, inspire, encourage and work out!

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, sign up for a FREE 30 minute consultation with Amber Thiel and find out if this is the right fit for your personal training or fitness business.



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