Fitness Facilities

The Healthy Edge system can generate substantial revenue for your fitness facility and provide an opportunity for additional income for your staff and trainers, keeping them happy and motivated.

african man with team stretching before exerciseHealthy clients are great billboards for your business and will attract new clients through word of mouth.  Get new clients through the door by addressing all of the components they will need for ultimate results in their weight AND health.

What You Offer...

  • gym equipment
  • personal training
  • fitness classes
  • nutritional supplement support

Where You May Fall Short...

  • release fat
  • preserve or build muscle mass
  • keep them feeling their absolute best

Do Any Of Your Clients Struggle With...

  • fast-food-coffee-healthy-edgeover or under indulgence of food
  • water
  • sleep
  • stress
  • hormones
  • alcohol
  • supplementation
  • personal responsibility
  • positive mindset

The Healthy Edge Can Help!

This is an important area where The Healthy Edge can provide practical support for fitness facilities. As a comprehensive lifestyle program, we address all of the aspects of a healthy lifestyle including addressing the mental and emotional components tied to people's relationship with food. such as:

  • personal_training_healthy_edgeWhy haven’t they taken their personal trainer’s advice and cut back on fast food consumption?
  • Why are they continuously bringing junk food into their home and feeding it to their family?
  • Why are they spending all their time and money with a personal trainer while maintaining a gym membership, but not doing everything they need to do to get the results they claim they so desperately desire?


Give Your Client's Power Through Knowledge!

Mid Adult Woman Eating A Healthy SaladBased on the principles of low-glycemic eating and whole foods, The Healthy Edge provides the information to empower individuals to make their own decisions based on:

  • nutritional education
  • food preferences
  • schedule
  • budget
  • health goals
  • family

The program focuses on accepting and acknowledging personal responsibility for one’s decisions and living from a place of choice, not a place of being victim to one’s circumstances.

How It Works...Easy as 1...2...3

  • 123_easyIt is as easy as 1-2-3 to set up in your fitness facility…
  • Delegate- Choose the staff member/personal trainer/fitness instructor to be the coach/coaches depending on the size of your fitness facility.
  • Train- We have all the training you and your staff will need to run this efficiently and with confidence.
  • Implement- Market and start to offer classes or offer one-on-one coaching with personal training packages.

Are You Ready To...

  • high-five-healthy-edgeimprove your client's results
  • generate additional revenue
  • set yourself apart of competitors
  • attract new clients with additional offerings
  • create walking billboards of health and fitness
  • motivate your staff and trainers

Look no further! The Healthy Edge lifestyle system is DONE for you and is easy to implement. Contact us today to talk to someone in more detail about what The Healthy Edge can do for your fitness business.



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