Implementing The Healthy Edge Weight Loss Program will not only INCREASE your INCOME but will Grow your Practice!!!

Chiropractor Doing AdjustmentAs a Chiropractor did you know that only 7-12% of the population see a Chiropractor regularly? Did you know that 68% of the population is overweight & obese? Maybe not…. but what YOU do know is that 100% of the population need to be adjusted! How great would it be to bring those 68% of the over weight and obese people in your area to your office?


Now you can! By offering a comprehensive, proven and an easy to implement weight loss program into your office.

The Healthy Edge Weight Loss Program

123_easyIt is as easy as 1-2-3 to set up in your office…

  • Delegate- Choose the staff member to be the coach/coaches depending on the size of your office
  • Train- We have all the training you and your staff will need to run this efficiently and with confidence.
  • Implement- Market and start to offer classes

You not only receive an increase in your income and healthier patients but MORE TRAFFIC into your office!!! More people getting adjusted!



Aaron Toler

The Healthy Edge is an incredible lifestyle system that supports our patients in maximizing the health results they see with chiropractic care. The philosophy of The Healthy Edge aligns with the core values of our clinic and it feels great to offer additional services that are enhancing our patients and their family's lives within the walls of our own clinic. We strive to be our patients one-stop-shop for feeling amazing.


Dr. Aaron Toler

Tacoma Chiropractic and Health Center

You know things are changing with the Insurance Companies and if you haven’t already started going toward a cash practice you might start to feel the change soon. Many Chiropractors are struggling to stay open and think that by adding another form of income is a conflict of interest…

Offering a The Healthy Edge Weight loss Program to your patients will get them healthier and what do healthier people attract? More healthy people!! Soon you will have people seeing you to stay healthy for a lifetime not just to get out of pain…

Healthy people are great referrals and can grow your business substantially which in turn:

  • bridgingthegap_chiropractorsCan keep your doors open
  • Bridge the gap from insurance based practice to cash
  • Keep you doing what you love and were given the gift to do

Find out more today about what a proven and done-for-you lifestyle system can do for your clients, your clinic and your future!


Paula Before

Paula Before









Paula 12 Weeks After

Paula After (12 Weeks)









Lee-Anne Before

Lee-Anne Before









Lee-Anne After

Lee-Anne After