Lori Markeson

Lori Markeson Life is always transforming....whether you are steering your life or not!  Three years ago, I took control.  The Healthy Edge gave my brain the knowledge to make the right decisions, the emotional breakthroughs so I could stop sabotaging myself and gave me the continued support so I can LIVE the journey.  When God provides this kind of passion and life, I feel it serves Him to share it.  I have been there, I have done that and I can empower you to grab the steering wheel and begin the journey!

My name is Lori Markeson and I am proud to be a Healthy Edge Coach!  My passion has always been education, now I get to teach the subject I LIVE!  I am also honored to teach personal development for an entrepreneurial training program for young adults.  To better understand each individual, I use a personality identification program so I can serve my clients better and make the most of our time together.  In addition to the weekly one on one calls, I host video conferences weekly to share information and encourage dialogue between people who are on the same journey.

Life is always transforming....are you ready to take the wheel?

Lori Markeson
Graham, WA