Certification FAQs

Note: To keep this FAQ shorter and sweeter, The Healthy Edge Coach Certification Program is referred to as the "Certification" program.

Q: How long is the Certification program?

A: The Certification is a comprehensive and intensive program consisting of 12 online training modules and a 3-Day Coaching Skills Workshop.  Each module is designed to be completed on a weekly schedule.

Q: How many hours a week should I plan on putting towards my Certifications?

A: Here's a quick rule of thumb to plan your week

  • Course assignments: 90 minutes to listen to, watch and complete the Healthy Edge Course materials.  Some assignments may take longer.
  • Business assignments: 90 minutes to complete the business planning materials
  • FAST TRACK Coaches: Add 60 minutes for your private mentoring calls and another 60 minutes or more for follow through on any action items identified in your weekly mentoring calls.

Of course, you can spend more or less time on the assignments depending on your learning style.

Q: How much does the Certification Cost?

A: It's FREE! Because, as the old Prego spaghetti sauce TV commercial so succinctly told us, "It's in there!" (For those too young to recognize this unforgettable saying, Google it.  Please, no comments about what's actually in the Prego)  The Certification program is included as part of your new Healthy Edge Coach enrollment kit.  Coaches are responsible for travel and living expenses for the 3-Day Coaching Skills Workshop.

Q: I have a question.  Who do I contact and how?

A: It's great that you are taking responsibility for your learning outcomes!  You can contact other coaches within the Healthy Edge Biz School Facebook group and or the Healthy Edge Coach Training Site, or your Certification Trainer.  First attempt to resolve the issue yourself- your fellow coaches and Certification Trainer will greatly appreciate that!  Within the Facebook group, simply do a search of your key word to locate past posts on the same topic.  Most likely, someone has asked a similar question in the past.  Please know that your Certification Trainer will make every effort to respond to your email within 12 hours of receipt.

Q: Can I share the materials found in the Certification with other Healthy Edge coaches or anyone else?

A: No.  These legally protected materials and The Healthy Edge system as a whole are solely for the use of those Healthy Edge coaches who are Active Professional or Standard members.  There are no exceptions.

Q: I can't find my Healthy Edge Coach username and password.

A: Please contact support@getthehealthyedge.com

Q: What prerequisites do I need to participate in the Certification program?

A: The only requirements to participate in the Certification program are: (1) being newly enrolled as a Healthy Edge coach; and (2) comprehend and speak English.  Active Standard or Professional membership Healthy Edge coaches also have access to the program as a benefit of their membership.

To participate in the FAST TRACK Program, candidates must first participate in a private, 30-minute interview process and be accepted into the FAST TRACK Program by The Healthy Edge Director of Education & Training. Interested candidates must be highly motivated and committed to growing a profitable business and currently maintain a database of a minimum of 100 past, prospective and or current clients.

Q: How long will I have access to the Certification materials (audios, videos, documents, etc.)?

A: You will have online access to all the materials for as long as you are an Active Standard or Professional Healthy Edge coach.  Because we believe in delivering to you, our Healthy Edge coaches, the most comprehensive certification program available, the materials will be updated from time to time.  Every attempt will be made to indicate the revision date on the materials and or to notify you of additional resources.  We hope you like these ongoing enhancements too!

Q: What systems (computer, phone, etc) or other materials do I need to participate in the Certification?

A: Internet access is required to participate in the online portion of the certification program.  The primary form of communications between you and your Trainer will be via email to your preferred email address.  Facebook messaging will also be used.

A telephone is required to conduct the required final recordings of a coaching session and a 30-minute consultation.

It is strongly recommended that you designate a file folder on your computer specifically for this Certification program.  Download all documents, audios and videos to your file folder for quick and easy access.  Other certification participants have found it helpful to keep a physical 3-ring binder of all hard-copy materials.  Your Certification Trainer totally agrees with this method.  Either way, save all files for future reference.  You'll be glad you did!

Q: What if I can't attend the live 3-Day Coaching Skills Workshop?

A: You will be found and sent to the dungeons without hummus, quinoa and Marys Gone Crackers for a week!  Not really.  But hopefully it does sound intimidating enough not to miss the workshop.  Because the training teams within the larger workshop group are designed to be intentionally small (only 3 coaches per team), the workshop dynamics will change if someone is missing.  Not attending the workshop will leave a deficit in your coaching skills development.  Attending is a requirement to receive certification.  Please make every possible effort to be present.

Q: Who will see my completed assignments and hear my final recordings?

A: Only your Certification Trainer will review all your completed assignments for completeness.  An exception would be spot checks by Amber Thiel, CEO The Healthy Edge, for program quality control purposes.

Q: Can I retake the Certification if I don't meet the successful completion requirements?

A: Please contact your Certification Trainer should this unlikely event occur.

Q: What if I'm unable to submit an assignment on the date requested?

A: Oh,  the old "The dog ate my homework" excuse, huh? Stuff can get in the way and your Certification Trainer totally understands that.  If you know you will not be able to complete an assignment, please send a quick email to your Trainer with an expected completion date.  Points will be given to the most creative reasons why you were not able to submit it on time - not.  Please understand that assignments will be automatically emailed to you on a weekly basis and are intended to build on the completion of previous assignments.  And while there is no limitation on the number of days to complete the program, it's might important to stay up to date with all assignments.  As Captain Jack Sparrow would say, "Savvy?"

Q: I went through another program.  Why do I need to be certified again?

A: The mission of The Healthy Edge is to be the provider of the nation's most comprehensive and transformative dietary and lifestyle education program.  That's a HUMONGEOUS mission!  Which means all Healthy Edge coaches will shoulder a HUGE responsibility in supporting participants in creating long lasting change, both emotionally and physically.  we take our commitment to developing and certifying our coaches seriously.  We want them to be successful, with their clients and within their coaching business.

The Healthy Edge Certification Program focuses on three critical areas: effective coaching skills, creation of a solid platform on which to build a coaching business, and clarity surrounding the Healthy Edge principles and philosophy.  Other coaching programs may have a primary focus on general life coaching or nutritional theory.  Or be targeted to only licensed clinicians, degreed healthcare practitioners, or accredited personal trainers.  Maybe the program provides coaching techniques as theory or even as a practicum, yet does not have a done-for-you system, product you can resell, and a framework to immediately begin a business.  Or maybe there is a sophisticated online educational system aimed at training the masses but no actual coaching skills sessions where personalized feedback is given in real time.  And that explains why the Healthy Edge Certification was created for our coaches!  We're different!

The Certification is an intensive and comprehensive program.  Each coach will receive a minimum of 15 hours of live, small group coaching skills training over a 3-day period.  In addition to the coaching skills development, you will build your Healthy Edge busines plan based on a proven system followed by Fortune 100 companies and learn how to apply a marketing technique known to attract customers.  At the end of the Certification program, you will receive a private 1-hour consult with the Certification Trainer.  This feedback session will be focused on your Healthy Edge business plan plus any questions you have about your coaching skills, marketing plan and any strategies to set up and grow your Healthy edge coaching business.  In any other situation,on would have to attend mulitple programs over months (if not years) and spend thousands of dollars to receive all the components contained in this comprehensive Certification program.  Aren't you fortunate to have found The Healthy Edge!

Q: I need more support than what is provided in the Certification program.  Where can I get it?

A: There will be times you may want additional private coaching for your Healthy Edge business, for personal development or to support you on your Healthy Edge journey.  Your Certification Trainer is equipped to provide that type of private coaching for a nominal hourly fee.  Just ask.  We're here to support you.

Q: How will I know that I "passed" the Certification?

A: Successfully complete the Certification, coaches are required to have:

  • Actively participated in the 3-Day Coaching Skills Workshop.
  • Completed all Healthy Edge Course assignments.
  • Completed all business development and planning assignments.
  • Conducted a minimum of six, 30-Minute Consultations.
  • Submitted a recording of a 15-30 minute private coaching session for feedback and review by the Certification Trainer.
  • Submitted a recording of a 30-Minute Consultation for feedback and review by the Certification Trainer.
  • Demonstrated skills in 25 coaching competencies.

Q: What will I receive after successfully being certified as a Healthy Edge Coach?

A: We love recognition!  After you have successfully met the requirements of the Certification program, you will:

  • receive a signed certification of completion marked with The Healthy Edge seal.
  • be eligible to use the title Healthy Edge Certified Coach.
  • be invited to participate in advanced Healthy Edge certification programs.

Q: Are there other certification programs after this basic Certification?

A: Yes!  Only those who have successfully completed the Certification program will be invited to attend next level coaching certifications.

Q: Is this certification program accredited?

A: Currently, the certification program is not accredited by any agencies or by any educational institutions.  Give us a little more time because that's one of our goals!

Q: Can I participate in other certification programs outside The Healthy Edge?

A:  Absolutely!  Just note that they will not replace the requirement to complete The Healthy Edge Coach Certification Program.