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Stop wasting time, energy and money and choose to be efficient! For those of you reinventing the wheel when it comes to supporting and coaching fitness clients in making healthy lifestyle changes, you are going to LOVE the simplicity and professionalism of The Healthy Edge.


The Healthy Edge provides a SYSTEM for you to use to empower your clients to results. Most people who want to be (or who are) coaches are incredibly gifted and passionate, but they find themselves struggling with the details of their business including marketing, pricing, creating packages and getting PAID. It's time to focus on your strengths and maximize the power of your coaching by offering the most comprehensive, professional and empowering lifestyle system available. Take what you offer to your clients to a new level without spending thousands of dollars on another degree!

Who are Healthy Edge Coaches?

  • cherylsheehanPersonal Trainers
  • Life Coaches
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Health Coaches
  • Nurses
  • Massage Therapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Dietitians
  • Network Marketers of Quality Health Products
  • Teachers
  • Stay-at-Home Moms
  • Athletic Coaches
  • Health Enthusiasts

Health Edge coaches come from all walks of life and come in many different sizes, professions and backgrounds. They are located throughout The United States, Canada and Australia. The Healthy Edge system is used to accentuate what YOU already offer! We want to partner with YOU to touch more lives with powerful information and breakthrough that transforms people's health reality.

I'm excited about being part of this life-changing vision and mission.  It is powerful and so in alignment with who I am as a person and a coach! -Healthy Edge Coach

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I would like more information on becoming a coach

I spoke to someone today who was planning to spend $14,000 on a coach training, and after a year of training she received NO system when she is done.  This IS the best program out there for teaching coaches to be excellent coaches and help transform clients in the most comprehensive way. - Healthy Edge Coach

What Ways Can I Use The Healthy Edge System To Support My Clients?

You can use The Healthy Edge System however BEST fits your business and life.

In it's simplest form, The Healthy Edge is an 8 week program with an online delivery system and printed professional tools including a Wellness Tracker, Cookbook and Guidebook (see below). The system is designed to provide and deliver all of the education, empowerment and tools to your clients, FOR YOU.
participantmembershipThe online system provides the content in the form of weekly coursework which includes a weekly empowering audio (for breakthrough) a health video (for how-to's), downloadable and printable notes (for support) and any other downloadable materials discussed in the week's lesson. For details on what topics are covered in the program and more on the guidebook, CLICK HERE.

What do I get?

As a Healthy Edge Coach you receive professional training and support tools to successfully implement this system alongside your current profession or start your own health coach business. Included in your Certification:

Coach Kit

  • DVD Set: The Healthy Edge 8-Course Program
  • Getting Started Right Guide Book & Wellness Tracker for personal use
  • Healthy Edge Cookbook for personal use
  • DVD Introduction to The Healthy Edge
  • Healthy Edge Home Kit for resale: Wellness Tracker, Getting Started Right Guidebook, Cookbook, Online Program Credit
  • Healthy Edge Marketing Materials: 250 personalized business cards, 150 promotional rack cards (50 cards for 3 different campaigns), 50 Brochures
  • Healthy Edge Designer Water Bottle & Window Cling

Education and Training

  • 12-Module Certification certifiedTraining Delivered in an easily accessible online format that takes you step-by- step through all of the 8 Healthy Edge Courses, business development, and coaching skills tips.
  • Online Coach Training Website Access to comprehensive and state-of-the-art Healthy Edge Coach Training Website filled with videos, audios, business and coaching templates, coach guides to courses, promotional materials, business and personal development seminars, presentation slides, and more.
  • Online Healthy Edge Course The Healthy Edge 8 course lifestyle program is what your clients will experience when they work with you as their lifestyle/health coach. You receive full access to this online course as well as recipes and our comprehensive health library of resources.
  • 3-Day Coaching Skills Workshop Put into practice and receive feedback on essential coaching competences: asking powerful questions, deep listening, action planning, accountability, challenging assumptions, and busting through limiting beliefs. Plus videotaping of small group facilitation skills.
  • Healthy Edge Coach Certificate of Completion

Marketing, Mentorship &  Community

  • Getting Started 1-hour phone session with your Healthy Edge Certification Coach.
  • Business Plan Development: Client Niche, Packages, Pricing, Marketing Strategies, Building and
    Maintaining a List, Business Readiness, Daily/Weekly Action Planning
  • Business Plan Review 1-hour phone session with your Healthy Edge Certification Coach.
  • 3-Months Professional Membership Access to quarterly coach training and development webinars, done-
    for-you marketing materials and calendar, discounted event tickets
  • Private Online Healthy Edge BIZ School Coach Community Forum Connect, ask questions, receive tips,
    share experiences and find support 24/7 with other Healthy Edge Coaches and Healthy Edge Staff
  • Personal Business Landing Page Drive customer traffic to sign up for your complimentary Breakthrough
    Sessions, schedule appointments on your personal calendar, and see social proof of real Healthy Edge clients and their results.

What Do I Have To Do To Become Certified with The Healthy Edge?

We attract the passionate, committed and driven individuals to join our elite group of coaches. In order to ensure this opportunity is a fit, we invite you to sign up for a FREE Business Strategy Session. This session will support both The Healthy Edge and you in determining if this is the correct fit for your goals and The Healthy Edge mission.

If it's a fit, (yah!), you will required to complete the 12 online modules and a 3-Day Skills Training Workshop.  Dates and locations vary. The online modules support you in setting up a successful business, learning The Healthy Edge program and understanding your role as a coach. During the 10-modules you will complete:

  • Business and personal values
  • Business plan
  • Packages and prices
  • Interpersonal Relations Behavior Assessment (Don't worry if you don't know what this is, you will soon find out!)

3 Day Skills PictureAt the 3-Day Skills Training Workshop, you will work in small groups and be provided a mentor who is an experienced Healthy Edge coach as well as interact with new coaches in an intimate setting. The small group format is designed to provide hours of hands-on coaching practice and training. Your confidence will SOAR with this interactive and intensive 3-day experience. Here is what is covered:

  • Asking powerful questions
  • Building confidence in the coaching process
  • Client niche, packages and pricing
  • One-on-one coaching skills practice
  • Group facilitation skills practice
  • Free 30-minute consultation skills practice
  • Overcoming objections
  • Managing your business
  • Values and business plan review
  • Client relationship management

retreat 2014

As a Certified Healthy Edge Coach, you join a family of people committed to changing the health reality of the world. We believe through education, empowerment, support and accountability we can facilitate change in people's lives that will allow them to lead a fuller and more purpose-driven life. We believe that families are ready to move towards healthier living to ensure that they will stay together longer and stronger. Healthy Edge coaches enjoy both financial and emotional rewards through creating an environment and opportunity for people to take personal responsibility for their own health and the health of the next generation.

This program is unlike any certification available ANYWHERE. We are seeking individuals who are currently coaches or who wish to become a coach and who are committed, passionate and driven to build a business and change lives.

Here some ways in which coaches use The Healthy Edge system.

To learn more in depth information and answers to questions we have received from both clients and coaches, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Hosting group classes in your home (or someone else's home) is an intimate and amazing way to share The Healthy Edge. Some coaches provide a Healthy Edge meal each week or the group enjoys pot-luck style meals. This is not mandatory and completely up to the coach. The health video for the week can be watched together in the home (you receive the DVDs of the video series) and then coaches lead and encourage discussion. This may take place around the dinner table or within the living room. As a coach, you receive training and detailed coaching scripts on how to conduct group meetings.  This format is typically 2 hours in length, one time a week. You can structure your participants to turn in their Weekly Accountability Logs and you provide minimal feedback via email.
Dyann Lyon and Wild Jones have expanded their coaching to one-on-one coaching clients when their schedules are too busy for in-home group programs. Sometimes getting people together can be challenging with various schedules and responsibilities.  A lot of coaches have had incredible success with one-on-one coaching via the phone (or Skype®). This allows you to literally coach anyone from anywhere. The client completes the coursework for the week, sends you their Weekly Accountability Log via email and you receive training on how to lead your clients through a 30 minute coaching call. This is a great way to accommodate your schedule as well as your clients. You are provided with coaching contract templates, training on how to determine what to charge as well as how to use the Weekly Accountability Logs to lead the coaching calls.
Coaches Deb and Steve Hurter in Puyallup, WA offers an exercise demo during a group meeting at a Real Estate Agency.  The Healthy Edge is an amazing way to create relationships in the community with other businesses who support health. Many Healthy Edge coaches have formed relationships with fitness facilities, chiropractors, wellness clinics, etc. to offer or advertise Healthy Edge classes or one-on-one coaching opportunities.  Sometime this relationship includes a place to host weekly meetings and other times it is simply referral based. We encourage our coaches to create a win-win situation for both you and the business. This may include a referral fee or if you are bringing new clients into their business it may just be referral based. Many health practitioners KNOW that their clients need support in healthier living, but do not have the time, staff or system to offer it. As a Healthy Edge coach, you will be able to offer a proven, professional system and the support to implement it.

Ready to get started?


Amber Thiel, CEO The Healthy Edge

There are so many people confused about what being healthy REALLY means and especially how it applies to their day to day life. As a Healthy Edge coach, you will confidently share a message that is truthful, realistic, empowering and helps people. Amber Thiel, Co-Founder and CEO, is passionate and committed to providing the most comprehensive and transformative lifestyle system available and support YOU, as a coach, to use that system to touch MANY MANY LIVES.

Certification includes a Business Kit and the 3-Day Skills Training Workshop. Payment plans are available. If you have additional questions and/or would like to speak to someone about becoming a coach, please contact our amazing support team.

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Melanie has kept off weight for 6 years!

Melanie has kept off weight for 6 years!









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