Certified Coaches

Quality Coaching for health just got easier!

Conditioning coaches are making a difference. So can you! Become an certified, professional and highly skilled health coach and use a proven system to support your clients and build a lucrative business. Get started today using The Healthy Edge's certified health coach training program to empower others.

Whether you are a conditioning coach or a generalized health and wellness coach, with our program you can bring a message of health and wellness to others! As an Independent Facilitator your role is to facilitate and coach people through the transition of their "old life" to their "Healthy Edge" life.

Helping clients through our program is rewarding not only for you but for those whose lives you touch.

The way it works is that you become a "THE" certified coach, which will allow you to buy individual participant programs to then supply to each person who signs up to be coached. You buy this program at a special facilitator only price. You can set your own price to resale this to your customer and then facilitate their journey. Some facilitators choose to lead people individually while others create a group environment in their health coach training. Either way, you will have the full support of the amazing online tools for all of your health seeking participants.

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