Do You Exercise To Redeem Yourself?

Do You Exercise To Redeem Yourself?

There is an universal belief that working out is the golden solution to shedding weight, getting fit and feeling great. As a former college athlete, I received a scholarship to workout.  Two to three hour volleyball practices not only kept me lean and fit, but I was able to eat whatever I wanted. (Back in those days, I was Subway and Taco Bell’s best customer.)

Once my college career was over, I entered the “real world” where I actually had to find time to make it to the gym and I no longer had the luxury of two to three hours in my day to workout. Not to mention, I now had the stress of figuring out WHAT I was going to do at the gym. Do I run on the treadmill or choose the elliptical? Do I use free weights or the machines? Do I use light weights and do high repetitions or heavy weights and fewer repetitions?

I soon found myself stressed and obsessed about working out. I would count calories in my head from my late night food binges and glasses of wine and the next day run on the treadmill until I had burned what I had consumed.

But the real struggle was how I felt. I liked the feeling of accomplishment after I worked out, but to be honest most days I had to drag myself through my workout and afterwards I just wanted to binge on unhealthy food. Sometimes I would even go through the drive-thru or stop by the grocery store on my way home to buy sugary and savory food to binge on. It was a vicious cycle that repeated itself over and over again for years.

For too long I lived in a prison of using exercise as a way to redeem myself physically and psychologically. I know some of you live in this same place. You eat way too much of the unhealthy stuff and perhaps drink way too much alcohol. You relieve yourself from the guilt of these choices by working out the next day, even when you don’t feel like it. Or you don’t make it to the gym and make more unhealthy choices telling yourself, “I’ll start again on Monday.”

The truth is that an hour workout will not compensate for an unhealthy diet...EVER. Even if you lose weight and like how you look, exercise alone will not give you the vitality, energy and health you truly desire.

Everything changed for me, when I began to focus on being healthy on the inside rather than trying to change the outside. I began to believe in the power of what I put in my mouth. I stopped drinking diet soda and I felt better. I stopped eating fast food and I felt amazing. I stopped buying low-calorie and low-fat foods designed for a diet and started eating real food designed to fuel my body and mind.

And guess what? The weight melted off. Today I am 25 pounds leaner than I was when I was a college athlete. I no longer have to workout to keep my results, I workout because it accentuates my results. I workout because moving my body is something I feel compelled to do, because I feel so darn amazing.

I believe this freedom is available to you if you choose to stop the insanity and do something different. I challenge you to begin today focusing on making healthier choices during the 23 hours of the day that  you are not at the gym. If you would like support in making this transition, you can schedule a free coaching session at