When Life Punched Me In My Healthy Face

When Life Punched Me In My Healthy Face

Perspective is a funny thing. People see me on Facebook, on the food prep workshops, teaching fitness classes, speaking at women’s conferences and even shopping at the grocery store and make all types of assumptions about what my life is like. Yes, I’m fit and healthy. I smile a lot. I laugh hard and loud. I have a super positive outlook on life. I love God and talk about Jesus often because He rocks. I love people (for the most part). But damn, life is hard - even for me, a healthy person.

The past two years have been the most devastating and exhilarating of my life - at exactly the same time. The details aren’t important and are way too raw to share here, although many of you know that the birth of my daughter, Berlyn, has been the exhilarating piece of the puzzle.  Perhaps one day the story may end up in a book, but my point is that things happen in life that knock you off balance and then there are things in life that kick you in the gut, punch you in the face and throw you overboard for dead. I’ve had the latter of the two experiences these past two years.

I tell you this because the perspective that healthy equals happy is a joke. Being healthy may make you feel the emotion of “happiness” when you go clothes shopping and slip on a smaller size jeans or when you go hiking and finally don’t have to stop on your way to the summit, but it doesn’t erase or prevent the devastation of death, disease, loss, heartbreak, betrayal, poverty, rejection, loneliness, bitterness, overwhelm and confusion you experience. These things happen REGARDLESS of whether or not you are healthy. The key is that your commitment to being healthy protects you from becoming a casualty of life’s circumstances by equipping you to thrive despite the ups and downs of life.

As I experience walking through the valleys and standing on the mountains of my life, my physical, emotional and spiritual health sustain me with the energy, power and focus to put one foot in front of the other without the need to numb or bolt from my emotions and reality.

Fifteen years ago, my health journey looked very different and this same scenario would have led to nightly binge drinking, copious amounts of unhealthy food, unhealthy relationships with men, abusing laxatives, binging and purging followed by starvation and excessive exercise - all in an attempt to feel in control over my out of control life. I would have punished myself with thoughts and words that would have manifested into unhealthy actions towards myself and other people. I would have ended up sabotaging close relationships, turning my back on God’s love and partnering with lies that lead to isolation and loneliness. Without the foundation of true health that I have found on my Healthy Edge journey, I would allowed my circumstances to control me and destroy me.

So, if you have told yourself that now is not a good time to focus on your health because of _________________ ...or you will definitely make it a priority when _____________ happens, I encourage you to think about your health as the foundation on which you will experience every aspect of your life. Hard times are hard enough without being exhausted, anxious, overweight, unfocused, sick, depressed, in pain or consumed by self-loathing and pity. The stress of hard times also put a toll on our bodies that a healthy lifestyle can help counter.

One final thought. You can only control you. It is worth the investment of time and resources to create a solid foundation of emotional, physical and spiritual health so when the world crumbles around you, you don’t just survive it, you thrive in it. I’ve been there. I’m there right now. It is possible to make your health a priority while also dealing with the storm raging around you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you are ready to take your next step and have a chat! I would be honored to support you.