Is Eating Healthy Torture?

Is Eating Healthy Torture?

I have a lot of people ask me how I can eat so healthy "all the time". Don't I ever just want to stuff my face with ice cream, cookies, pizza and spaghetti?

It makes me chuckle to imagine what people think I eat, like I sit around eating lettuce and tofu all day. But I get it. I didn't really know what healthy was either. I use to think healthy was represented by what people looked like on the outside. My healthy gauge for myself was the scale and the size of clothes. I realize now that at the peak of my physical fitness as a college athlete, I was actually at the low end of my health.

A thin or tone body does not mean you are healthy - physically or emotionally. I killed myself at the gym and engaged in some pretty crazy diets and dangerous eating behaviors to get the thin and tone body, however I was depressed, anxious, an insomniac, fatigued and obsessed with how I looked. The "world" called me healthy because I "looked" the part, but my insides told a different story.

I also use to think eating healthy was some form of cruel punishment because I believed it meant you had to count calories, restrict the foods you loved and settle for the blandness of lettuce, plain brown rice and foods that lacked flavor. I thought I had to torture myself in order to look good. This belief may be what's holding some of you reading this back from saying YES to really diving into healthy living. From this “punishment” and “healthy eating is torture” mindset, you will create that reality and then quit because no one can sustain torture.

The shift for me happened when I truly understood in my soul that when I overindulge in processed, chemical ladened foods or eat too much cheese, drink too much wine or give into a sugary sweet binge, I punish MYSELF. I may love these foods, but they definitely don’t love me back.

The temporary elation of the unhealthy decision or all-out binge no longer outweighs or overshadows the consequences that come after. I know what's coming and so do you - the bloating, puffiness, guilt, shame, insomnia, headaches, tiredness, crankiness, depression, anxiety, doubt, frustration, weight gain, etc. You know what the consequences are for you and ten out of ten times you will feel some sort of negative side effect (aka punishment) for doing what you believe you “deserve” to do. If you are ready to be honest, ask yourself: “What good comes out of eating anything I want besides the temporary enjoyable feeling (of literally seconds or minutes) of the food going into your mouth?

So take your power back. You do have self-control. The world wants to tell you that you don't. That you should do what you "feel" in the moment, but that isn't the secret to success. The secret to success is to do what is in your best interest (and the best interest of others) so you can be blessed with what is good and avoid that which leads to a life of lack. Eating more of what you "want" (when it's unhealthy) will simply give you "less" in other areas of your life. You get to choose.