Make This The Year of Progress

Make This The Year of Progress

Every new year brings a wave of hope that this year will be the year of more, better or different. However, statistics show most of our resolutions won’t survive past January 15th. In a world of instant gratification, many of us struggle with impatience. We think eating well for a week should magically shed the weight that took us a year to gain. Or going to they gym five days for a week should produce defined arms and abs we see in magazines. When this doesn’t happen, we get frustrated and give up. And then another year passes and we slide even further away from our best life.

What if your resolution for 2018 was progress? Think about it. That’s all we really want, right? Progress is the key to happiness and staying motivated. Progress shows us that what we are doing IS making a difference, even if the difference is small and incremental. Progress gives us hope. Without progress, even the great things in life become stagnant, boring and unfulfilling. And let me be clear, progress does NOT mean being perfect.

For example, I have been on my Healthy Edge journey now for almost 10 years. After years of torment and obsession over how my body looked, I am so proud and grateful to be at complete peace with how my body looks physically. However, I continuously create a vision for more in my health journey.

As I approach 40, I am focused on aging gracefully, having energy to keep up with Berlyn, finding new exercises to challenge my body and exploring creative ways to enjoy healthy food. Without this vision of progress, my health journey could quickly enter the danger zone of boring and stagnant. It is in the danger zone of “boredom” where temptations have power and unhealthy behaviors start to look exciting again. Vision provides safety.

A vision is a guiding light. It’s the road map that keeps us on track. Our vision has to be compelling and make our soul feel full when we visualize achieving what we desire. It drives us day to day to do what we need to do...even when we don’t feel like it.

Some of us struggle with vision because we get caught up in the how-to’s. Who doesn’t like a good to-do list, right? While checking things off of a list can be gratifying and feel productive, a to-do list without a vision takes you nowhere. Without a vision, we will get sidetracked, distracted and settle for less than what we want.

So what is your vision for your health this year? Take just a moment to be fully present with your mind and heart. Ask yourself:

  • What are the most important areas of my health (or life) that I need to make progress in?
  • What results would make the most powerful impact on my life?
  • What would be different in my life if I achieved this vision?
  • How would other people be affected positively?

Try your best to stay out of the how-to’s. Those come next. And if you find those crazy voices in your head telling you, you “can’t” get what you want...tell them to shut-up. Those voices limit you and those voices are NOT REAL. Do not give them power to steal your power.

The next step after creating your vision is choosing a way to capture this vision. This may include  journaling, recording a video or audio, or creating a vision board with words and images to illustrate what you desire. Whatever mode fits you best, visit this vision daily for at least 30 days and at least weekly after that. This is important because your brain will become extra sensitive to hone in on anything that will support you in bringing this vision to reality.

Now it’s time to take action. Every vision has to be backed up by rituals. Many of us tell ourselves what we SHOULD do more of or less of. Shoulds don’t get results. Musts get results. If you want to have a drastically different reality this year, raise the standards for your life and turn your shoulds into musts.

So what MUST you do to make progress in your health? Start listing things you MUST do. Perhaps it involves eating breakfast, eliminating soda, drinking less, avoiding fast food, eating in alignment with your food allergies, cutting off toxic friendships, giving up drinking during the week, etc.

I personally believe that accountability is a key ingredient to getting results, especially if you identify yourself as a self-sabotager, quitter or all-or-nothing personality. If you would like to raise your standards and play a bigger game this year, I invite you to take advantage of a free coaching session with one of my Healthy Edge coaches to create your vision and establish some rituals to set you up for real progress this year. Step through the fear and say YES to your vision!

You were destined to live an abundant life and it’s time to take personal responsibility for creating it. Don’t wait another day, week, month or year...the time is now!