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A Fresh Perspective On Stress

This is a follow-up to my blog, Stress-Induced Weight Gain to provide some fundamental and sound ways to stop the cascade of stress hormones from wreaking havoc on our mental, physical and emotional health. As I explained in my last blog, stress can make us fat! Cortisol and adrenaline in the right amounts are super beneficial for us to survive Continue Reading

The Truth About Keto

It’s hard to deny the temptation when you see haven’t seen your friend for a few weeks and then you see her and BAAM - she’s 20 pounds lighter and looks AMAAAAAAAZING. Of course she is also happy and excited - she is fitting into her clothes from five years ago and has a new sense of confidence you haven’t Continue Reading

A Game-Changing Definition of Love

Is it just me or do you sometimes do nice things for others with the deep-seeded expectation of praise, affection or acknowledgement? Ladies, do you ever feel like this towards your husband or children and turn into a raging lunatic or moody maniac when you don’t get what you NEED and DESERVE? Please don’t stop reading…this is not intended to Continue Reading

What To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

Last Saturday, I was ready to give up. After what felt like a million squat reps with the weighted bar on my shoulders, my legs were shaking and my quads were on fire. I wasn’t sure how many more reps I could do without my knees buckling and ending up in a sweaty heap on the floor, pinned down by weight Continue Reading