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But I don’t FEEL like it!

Do you operate from the philosophy - you should do what you feel?  If you do, you are not alone. Most of us allow this lie to keep us from the results we desire - whether it’s weight, energy, mental clarity, health or relationships. This Do What You Feel lie is at the root of why we: choose convenience over healthy Continue Reading

When Life Punched Me In My Healthy Face

Perspective is a funny thing. People see me on Facebook, on the food prep workshops, teaching fitness classes, speaking at women’s conferences and even shopping at the grocery store and make all types of assumptions about what my life is like. Yes, I’m fit and healthy. I smile a lot. I laugh hard and loud. I have a super positive Continue Reading

End Your Love Affair With Food

Pizza. Wine. Cheese. Chips. Cookies. Ice cream. Bread. Pasta. These are the good things in life, don’t you agree? Although these foods taste delicious, eating too much of the good stuff sabotages our efforts to feel and look better, not to mention making us feel weak and out of control. So why do we do it? Some of us eat Continue Reading

Overcoming Emotional Eating

If getting healthy was only about eating right and exercising, most of us would be healthy. Whether it is eating to destress from work, to escape our relationship problems, to comfort ourselves when we feel rejected or lonely or to celebrate surviving another day, the reality is that we use food for more reasons than simply providing nutrition and energy Continue Reading