Elyse Jarard

Elyse Jarard has a degree from the University of Cincinnati in Biology specializing in Cell and Molecular biology. She is a certified personal trainer and certified in Fitness Nutrition. She currently owns a personal training studio in Cincinnati, Ohio for women and girls. Elyse's compassion for people and gentle coaching provides support for women in fitness and nutrition in a Continue Reading

Cindy Lou Allen

I am passionate about moving women forward in their health, beyond diet and quick fixes, to a long lasting healthy body and healthy mind. Cindy Lou Allen California

Beanie Lefler

After hearing Amber talk about this program I knew I wanted to do this.  I lost my Dad at the age of 64.  He has a stroke in his mid 50's, lung cancer for 6 months and on top of that he was a diabetic. My Mother passed away at the age of 65 to a very rare blood vessel Continue Reading