Easy Squeezy Orange Juice

Tis a wonderful time of year for fresh oranges!  We can remember going to a Christmas party every year where we would gather with all of our first and second cousins, some of whom we only saw once a year during the holidays. We would impatiently await for 'Santa' with the fake cottony beard to enter with a "ho ho Continue Reading

How to Use and Freeze Grapes For Winter

There is no need to be concerned with eating seasonally when you have done some leg work to preserve some of the fresh produce harvested in the summer and fall months. Recently, we were invited to enjoy the “fruits” (yes, this pun is intended) of our neighbor’s labor by indulging in her numerous red and white grape vines. It was Continue Reading

Honey Roasted Chicken Over Sweet Potatoes

Simple and Delicious, these are the two words that I love to associate with dinner!  Add healthy and affordable to the mix and I am one happy mom!  This is a must try recipe your whole family will enjoy!  You can also substitute butternut squash for the sweet potatoes. Honey Roasted Chicken Over Sweet Potatoes Ingredients: 3-4 Sweet Potatoes, peeled Continue Reading