Lori Markeson

Life is always transforming....whether you are steering your life or not!  Three years ago, I took control.  The Healthy Edge gave my brain the knowledge to make the right decisions, the emotional breakthroughs so I could stop sabotaging myself and gave me the continued support so I can LIVE the journey.  When God provides this kind of passion and life, Continue Reading

Kimberly DeMile

Even as a seasoned Jazzercise instructor, I struggled with my own weight after gaining 50 pounds after my pregnancies. I was teaching classes 3 to 4 times a week but still stuck and unable to lose the weight - I was so frustrated! I started to follow a low glycemic way of eating, and started to see some weight loss.  Then Continue Reading

Karen Kapusta

With over 35 years experience as a trainer, consultant, engineer and corporate executive, Karen is a trusted authority in the field of transformation change. Karen is the founder of Strategic Performance Systems LLC, a company devoted to coaching people how to identify and achieve their life’s dreams, and the popular Wine Women & Wellness™ seminar series. She is the author Continue Reading

Elyse Jarard

Elyse Jarard has a degree from the University of Cincinnati in Biology specializing in Cell and Molecular biology. She is a certified personal trainer and certified in Fitness Nutrition. She currently owns a personal training studio in Cincinnati, Ohio for women and girls. Elyse's compassion for people and gentle coaching provides support for women in fitness and nutrition in a Continue Reading