Sherry Goodwin Seattle from Pixel Dust Productions/Weddings on Vimeo. No More Diets Diets are a short-term solution to a long-term problem. 98% of people who lose weight gain it all back within 2 years. Why? Because diets are not a lifestyle. Most diets work against the health of your body to tick it into losing fat, water and muscle mass. Continue Reading


Lose Weight It's the ultimate goal for many of us, but we go about it ALL THE WRONG WAY!  The weight is simply a side effect of health. The Healthy Edge focuses on working WITH your body instead of against it (like diets do) to speed up your metabolism, calm your cravings and support your body in releasing weight safely Continue Reading

Shayla Lee

I am a dynamic, energetic coach who is passionate about fitness, nutrition, and working with people! Empowering clients to reach their personal goals sets me on fire and brings me incredible joy. As a formerly grossly obese woman I understand the struggle to break the "bondage" to food addiction. I have lost over 100  plus pounds through becoming healthy mentally, Continue Reading

Lori Markeson

Life is always transforming....whether you are steering your life or not!  Three years ago, I took control.  The Healthy Edge gave my brain the knowledge to make the right decisions, the emotional breakthroughs so I could stop sabotaging myself and gave me the continued support so I can LIVE the journey.  When God provides this kind of passion and life, Continue Reading