Make This The Year of Progress

Every new year brings a wave of hope that this year will be the year of more, better or different. However, statistics show most of our resolutions won’t survive past January 15th. In a world of instant gratification, many of us struggle with impatience. We think eating well for a week should magically shed the weight that took us a Continue Reading

Top 10 Work Snacks To Stay On Track

During the flu and cold season, your work area can be a germ haven.  With our loyalty to our jobs (and our jobs lack of understanding that even adults get sick) sick days are non-existent!  During these winter months even just a quick trip to the store can be a flu trap.  While stocking up on hand sanitizer and disinfectant Continue Reading

Overcoming Emotional Eating

If getting healthy was only about eating right and exercising, most of us would be healthy. Whether it is eating to destress from work, to escape our relationship problems, to comfort ourselves when we feel rejected or lonely or to celebrate surviving another day, the reality is that we use food for more reasons than simply providing nutrition and energy Continue Reading

What’s Love Got To Do With My Weight?

Most of us desire to find that “special someone” to receive unconditional love, support and adoration from for the rest of our lives. There is a period of time, early on in the honeymoon phase of relationships, when we believe that this attractive and sexy human being we are falling in love with will never break our hearts, disappoint us, Continue Reading