The Cost of Your Freedom

What’s up with the mind games we play with ourselves ladies? I mean, seriously. How many times have you had a conversation with yourself about the cookies in the pantry or the ice cream in the refrigerator? Please don’t tell me I am the only! “Do I eat the cookie? Maybe just one. One won’t hurt, right? I will eat Continue Reading

I love you…but I hate you.

I hadn’t thought about my relationship with ice cream in years. But as I sat with my sweet Berlyn at our favorite ice cream spot, it hit me. Since embarking on my personal health journey over 10 years ago, food has slowly evolved from feelings of obsession and functioning as a coping mechanism to feelings of indifference and functioning as fuel Continue Reading

Why “I want it” Isn’t Enough

There is a difference between wanting to do something and feeling like you have to do something. Do we really want to do what it takes to be a healthy, strong and energized person, or do we feel we have to do x, y or z because it’s an expectation or obligation or ultimatum to get healthy?  These are tough Continue Reading

What If…I lose the weight and gain it back?

What if? Have you ever allowed the “what if?” voice to drive you into a state of fear and paralyzation? It happens often. It’s the enemy’s favorite mantra. This small phrase alone is enough to keep us distracted from getting the very things we say we want in life. Have you ever asked yourself: What if I lose the weight Continue Reading