Your Past: The Power of Perspective

Anxiety. Fear. Dread. Depression. Pain. Loneliness. Confusion. Doubt. Many of us wake up every day with one or more of these emotions swirling in our brain and filling up space in our hearts. We look to doctors, our spouse, friends, alcohol, food, exercise, control - but it never fully goes away. It is as if something is blocking the peace, Continue Reading

Self-Sabotage: The Hard and Refreshing Truth

Have you ever felt a little bit of progress happening in your health journey and all of the sudden, out of nowhere you are overcome with a thought that turns into an urge and before you know it you are face down in a tub of ice cream, bag of chips or bowl of raw cookie dough? Been there, done Continue Reading

Overcoming Obstacles

Definition of obstacle: a thing that blocks one’s way or prevents or hinders progress. In latin the word for obstacle is obstaculum from the word obstare (ob - “against” and stare “stand”). So, to stand against. Before we get to listing all the people and things standing against us - let’s distinguish between excuses and obstacles. The definition of excuse Continue Reading

Acceptance – The Stumbling Block To Change

Acceptance. Such a nice thought, isn’t it? To just be able to sit back and accept what is - not live in the past of what “was” or in the future of what “might someday be”, but to take the exact moment in time we are in and just be okay with what is. The power in finding our place Continue Reading