I am a fraud.

Have you ever felt like a fraud? Perhaps in your health journey? You carry yourself confidently in the successful areas of your life, but when it comes to your health journey, you feel like a fraud. You act cheerful, positive and poised in your public interactions but behind closed doors you are disappointed, insecure and floundering. You can’t stand to Continue Reading

Hello, peace.

Phew. This week the Lord has been speaking to me in a variety of ways with the same question. Amber, what has your faith? I have struggled over the past few years to get clarity on what to have faith for. For the first two years after my marriage blew up in my face, I put all my faith towards Continue Reading

Hello, old friend.

I’m overwhelmed by the response of my last post: Hi. This is the real me. Thank you to everyone who posted, shared or sent me a personal message. I see you. You responded because the real you has been where I have been or where I am at or you are walking through it right now. The human experience is Continue Reading

Hello. This is the real me.

I just did something I never thought I would ever do. Actually, I did a couple of things. I went to a concert - by myself. I heard that one of my favorite bands from the 90’s, Vertical Horizon, was playing a free concert on the water. I quickly texted some of my mommy friends and began asking around to Continue Reading