The Wisdom of 40

I turned 40 this week. Nothing like an epic birthday to remind me that life is happening and it’s happening FAST. I seriously feel like I was 20 yesterday - playing college volleyball, dating boys, dreaming about what I would do with my life and thinking that I had my WHOLE life ahead of me. I also remember thinking, “I Continue Reading

When Life Punched Me In My Healthy Face

Perspective is a funny thing. People see me on Facebook, on the food prep workshops, teaching fitness classes, speaking at women’s conferences and even shopping at the grocery store and make all types of assumptions about what my life is like. Yes, I’m fit and healthy. I smile a lot. I laugh hard and loud. I have a super positive Continue Reading

Outward Results Are An Inside Job

I want you to imagine an area of your life that you want SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Perhaps it is achieving weight loss, improving a relationship, advancing at work, starting a new career, getting your household more organized, saving money for retirement or a trip, training for a 5K or growing spiritually. Whether you have been “thinking” about doing this for a Continue Reading

You Can’t Hate Your Body Into Results

I spent many years battling my body. It was the enemy. I hated how it looked. I was jealous and resentful that other people had better bodies than me. I hated that I spent so much time thinking and obsessing about how to "fix" my body. It was exhausting and lonely. ​​​​​​ Most of my clients feel as I did - that their Continue Reading