Identity: Who are you?

Every action originates with a thought. This means that despite what an action is categorized as - good, bad, healthy, unhealthy, selfish, selfless - it only became possible because it was first a thought, even if it was an automatic thought of the subconscious.  My binging and purging felt automatic. I tried to think, “I’m not going to do this Continue Reading

You are not your thighs

The tendency of the human condition is to want to be the god of our own lives, fix our own problems, change people to fit our preferences and find security in the things of the world. It’s our greatest struggle and leads to many of our downfalls. It doesn’t take long in our human experience for tragedy, heartache and deep Continue Reading


Ladies (and gentlemen), I don’t know where you are in the race or how much gas you have left in your tank, but deep down I know that you know that that there is more to this life than the next social media post, job promotion, glass of wine or shot of vodka, relationship, shopping spree, bigger house, phone upgrade, Continue Reading

No one told me…

Recently I was asked to speak to a group of teens. Not just any teens, but teens who are living their childhood through the foster care system or protective custody. The room was full of eyes who have seen and bodies who have been exposed to abuse, neglect and abandonment. You could feel the brokenness. It was tangible. The topic? Continue Reading