Acceptance – The Stumbling Block To Change

Acceptance. Such a nice thought, isn’t it? To just be able to sit back and accept what is - not live in the past of what “was” or in the future of what “might someday be”, but to take the exact moment in time we are in and just be okay with what is. The power in finding our place Continue Reading

Are You Consistently Inconsistent?

Are you consistently inconsistent? I think we can all agree that in order to get results in any area of our lives - and keep those results - we have to be consistent. Not perfect, but consistent. Whether it’s relationships, health, finances or work, what we consistently do (or don’t do) will determine what results we produce. Notice I didn’t Continue Reading

Winning The Holiday Health Battle

What is your go-to response when someone mentions that the holiday season is now upon us? Are you filled with dread? Do you immediately start thinking of the to-do list? Do you respond with a list of complaints about the responsibilities of the holidays? Do you engage in the typical talk about gaining weight and drinking too much? As a Continue Reading

The Cost of Comparison

Do you ever find yourself obsessing over what you believe other people (especially women) are thinking… about what you are wearing about what you are saying about what you are doing about who you are? You are not alone. I have yet to meet a woman who doesn’t struggle with... a deep desire to be known and accepted by other Continue Reading