Fresh Fig Dip

I recently was blessed with a TON of fresh figs. Yes, they are delicious to just slice open and eat, but when you have 40+ fresh figs, that can get a little boring. I searched online for recipes and didn’t really find one that blew back my hair. I did attempt to roast some with goat cheese stuffed inside of Continue Reading

Free Ways To Manage Stress

When it comes to managing the stress of life, I think all of us can agree that a weekly massage would be great. Shoot, I would take a pedicure once a month or a quiet evening (by myself) with a good book or a coffee date with a girlfriend that ends up with a nice glass of red wine over Continue Reading

A Fresh Perspective On Stress

This is a follow-up to my blog, Stress-Induced Weight Gain to provide some fundamental and sound ways to stop the cascade of stress hormones from wreaking havoc on our mental, physical and emotional health. As I explained in my last blog, stress can make us fat! Cortisol and adrenaline in the right amounts are super beneficial for us to survive Continue Reading

Stress-Induced Weight Gain

Many of you know, that I have a burning passion to support all women in feeling, looking and being their personal best. From this place of peace and confidence, we have the capacity to serve, love and execute joyfully the purpose that has been laid out before us. What a gift to the world to live from this foundation. But Continue Reading