The Invisible Prisons Of Unforgiveness and Shame

It breaks my heart to know how many women live torn between the expectation to have it all and keep it all together and the internal reality of feeling flawed, less than, trapped, defeated, hopeless and a hot mess. As women, we have to take off the masks hiding our pain, frustration and confusion and be okay not being okay Continue Reading

Self-Worth – A Lesson From My Little

Berlyn learned the shortened Psalm 139:14 bible verse today at church, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” As I watched her dance, spin, and sing as we were walking out to the car - I observed how completely oblivious and unconcerned she was towards the people around her. She has not yet learned the torture method many of us women Continue Reading

Are You Blocking Your Own Breakthrough?

I have found that as women, we can stand in the way of our own emotional and physical breakthroughs. We can stay stuck in unhealthy seasons of our lives for way too long because we hold on for our expectations to met before we decide to release what we need to let go of. These seasons of holding on brings with Continue Reading

The Scam of Fear

About a week ago, I returned a call to what I thought was the Office of Social Security. Over the course of five hours, I lost all of my money in my personal and business accounts. I write this from a place of humility and hope that my story will save other people from going through what I can only Continue Reading