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My Healthy Kid Eats Hot Dogs

Recently, I visited my family in Ohio. I am always in awe of both of my sisters who have THREE children each. As many of you know, I only have one, and on most days I seriously feel like I am functioning with half a brain. I have heard this same sentiment from...
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Chocolates and Jellies and Peeps…Oh My!

It’s time to take back your power when it comes to the holidays. WHO SAYS that Easter (or any other holiday) has to have copious amounts of candy and chocolate? I get that most of us grew up with the tradition of dark chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, marshmallow peeps and...
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But I don’t FEEL like it!

Do you operate from the philosophy - you should do what you feel?  If you do, you are not alone. Most of us allow this lie to keep us from the results we desire - whether it’s weight, energy, mental clarity, health or relationships. This Do...
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The Wisdom of 40

I turned 40 this week. Nothing like an epic birthday to remind me that life is happening and it’s happening FAST. I seriously feel like I was 20 yesterday - playing college volleyball, dating boys, dreaming about what I would do with my life and thinking that I had my WHOLE life ahead...
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