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8-Week Transformation

Learn proven techniques to eat and live your way to better health and a slimmer waistline with The Healthy Edge 8 Week transformation program. Learn the foundation of a healthy lifestyle with simple, realistic and economical solutions for the obstacles holding you back. This transformation will leave you with the knowledge and tools to never have to diet again.

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Certified-coach-healthy-edgeProfessional Lifestyle Coaching.

Our certified coaches are highly trained to support and hold you accountable through The Healthy Edge journey. Get expert advice, goal setting, product guidance and weekly accountability to take your results to the next level. One-on-one coaching and group coaching is available depending on your schedule and location. FIND A COACH near you.

World Renowned

The Healthy Edge began in 2008 and is now in 3 countries. Amber Thiel, CEO, provides relevant, realistic and an nutritionally sound principles for healthy living for people of all ages, sizes and backgrounds.

he-cookbookLifestyle System

The Healthy Edge includes an online system that provides weekly coursework that includes audios, videos, downloadable PDFs and recipes. You also get a Healthy Edge Home Kit shipped to your doorstep additional support tools you need to be successful including  cookbook, guidebook and personal journal. Combine this with the support of one of our certified coaches and a committed attitude and you are destined to get results. This system provides both the how-to's of healthy living as well as the mental breakthrough necessary to make this lifestyle "who you are" rather than "what you do".

Online Community

After your 8 week journey (or before), you can choose to be part of our interactive online community. The Healthy Edge provide weekly support through newsletters and recipes as well as monthly health topics to keep you on top of the latest in healthy living.

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No More Dietsno-diet-healthy-edge

Diets are a short-term solution to a long-term problem. 98% of people who lose weight gain it all back within 2 years. Why? Because diets are not a lifestyle. Most diets work against the health of your body to tick it into losing fat, water and muscle mass. After the diet is over, you are left with a confused and damaged metabolism and self-esteem. STOP THE INSANITY! Get empowered to learn how to work WITH your body to get results that a diet can NEVER give you!

scale-trash-healthy-edgeNo More Scales

Do you ever go up to an attractive and thin person and ask them how much they weigh? NO! Of course not! Why? Because you can tell just by looking at them that they are healthy and fit. The results that really matter are not on the scale. The results are in how you look, feel and how you are able to experience life. We empower you to get over the obsession of the scale and focus on the true results that really matter.

No More Failure

You're not broke, your diet's broke. You may feel like a failure in your health or weight journey, but you have been set up to fail. When you let go of the idea of perfection, it becomes possible to be successful. The Healthy Edge sets you up to win by teaching how to nourish your body so you don't have cravings and still allow yourself indulgences that won't break the bank.

No More Self-Sabotage

A crucial element in your quest for your best health is the mental journey. When you have a desired outcome and you unconsciously work against yourself, this is self-sabotage. WHY do we do this? The answer lies in your mind more than in your stomach and The Healthy Edge journey will give you the opportunity to heal those places in your life that are leading to your self-sabotage.

take-control-healthy-edgeTake Control

A diet isn't going to do this for you, YOU are going to do this for yourself. It's time to take your power back. You know this. You've just been  hoping that there was a simpler or easier way than actually taking personal responsibility for yourself. The Healthy Edge is simple and it is realistic, but it is going to require YOU to be an active participant in your own health. We believe in you!

Learn more about becoming empowered with The Healthy Edge! Try the 7-Day Trial and experience what thousands are doing to reclaim their health, free themselves from dieting and discover the abundant life!

lose-weight-fast-healthy-edgeLose Weight

It's the ultimate goal for many of us, but we go about it ALL THE WRONG WAY!  The weight is simply a side effect of health. The Healthy Edge focuses on working WITH your body instead of against it (like diets do) to speed up your metabolism, calm your cravings and support your body in releasing weight safely and for good!

Regain Your Energy

It's hard to get motivated to workout when you are exhausted. It's hard to keep up with work, kids, spouse and a social life when you are run down. One of the quickest side effects of a healthier lifestyle is increased energy. Imagine having the energy to perform at work, parent like a rock-star and get in some exercise...all in ONE DAY! This is so possible with the right foundation provided by The Healthy Edge lifestyle.

meadowBalance Your Moods

Do you feel indifferent, happy, depressed, confused, irritated or overwhelmed all in the same day or even hour? Is it taking a toll on your relationships, parenting ability or performance at work? There are simple changes you can make in your lifestyle to get off the roller coaster of emotions and start living balanced. Life is way too short to not feel your absolute best!

Never DIET Again

The Healthy Edge is not a diet. We hate the scale and will encourage you to base your success on something other than an arbitrary number that has held the key to your self-esteem for too many years. We don't count calories or points, because who wants to count calories or points for the rest of your life? And we NEVER say NEVER eat your favorite food or drinks ever again...we think life's way too short for that.

Life's enjoymentBe the BEST you!

The world deserves the best you. Your spouse, children and friends deserve the you that loves and cares for yourself. Take charge of your health now. It's simpler and more enjoyable than you have ever imagined. Choose to trust your body. The Healthy Edge will show you how.

Learn more about The Healthy Edge transformation! Try the 7-Day Trial and experience what thousands are doing to reclaim their health, free themselves from dieting and discover the abundant life!

Shayla Lee
I am a dynamic, energetic coach who is passionate about fitness, nutrition, and working with people! Empowering clients to reach their personal goals sets me on fire and brings me incredible joy. As a formerly grossly obese woman I understand the struggle to break the "bondage" to food addiction. I have lost over 100  plus pounds through becoming healthy mentally, physically, and spiritually. I focus on health not weight loss and I look forward to helping you!

Exercise is only 20% the other 80% is what you put in your mouth! The Healthy Edge gives me the ability to not just motivate my clients but to empower them long after our session has ended!  I support my clients in all aspects of their journey including food preparation, shopping, workouts and overcoming what is holding them back mentally.

I am excited to support you in your journey!

Lifestyle coach and Personal Trainer
BSN Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, Bastyr University

Shayla Lee
Des Moines, WA

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