“I have gone through the 8 week program and really learned a lot about myself. Some of the info I already knew but it was great hearing it from another source to cement it in. I was able to get rid of some of my belief systems that were blocking me from moving towards a healthier me. I love the support of my Healthy Edge coach who encouraged me along the way. I have a long way to go yet, but as Amber and my coach say over and over. "It’s not perfection it’s the progress". The social media support is wonderful as well. What a great group of folks. We are all on this journey together and that alone makes it well worth it. No one has to walk this road alone. Here's to a healthier 2017”





"The Healthy Edge Lifestyle is so simple - and believe me I have been on every "diet" that has come around in my 62 years. It is going on 6 months since I started Healthy Edge and I have lost 20 pounds without ever feeling deprived of anything I wanted. I am healthy, I feel great, my family has benefited from the healthy eating and they love every dish I make."


~ Debi O'Brien Certified Reflexologist and Reiki Master


"I began my Healthy Edge journey after 4 years of telling myself that my body would always be this way due to an auto immune diagnosis. After I was diagnosed and treated I accepted the weight gain; telling myself I was stuck with this body to move on, but was resentful and angry about it.  The journey has taught me that I often hurt myself with the foods and wine I CHOOSE and blaming my spouse.  I thought I knew about healthy eating, but this program has taught me the truth and retrained some false beliefs I had about what is healthy.  I am so glad I did the 8 week program.  I noticed an immediate change in my energy, how my clothes fit, and my mindset.


My Healthy Edge Coach Stacey Ungashick Lobdell at 501 has been a major support during this journey.  I immediately felt comfortable opening up to the entire process with her. She has been encouraging, often texting or emailing right when I needed it.  Along with this she introduced me to her community of Healthy Edgers and they became a part of my community of support.  I was lucky to join with two of my friends Amy and Vicki who have been my daily motivation and have pulled me through nights when I wanted to get off course.


At the start of my journey I hit the coursework hard and was very dedicated.  About week 5 I started to struggle with this new lifestyle. But as my support encouraged me, I worked my way through what was going on inside me and re-calibrated.  The best gift I take from this program is my knowledge about food and my body.  I have great boundaries; I know how to set up a successful environment for myself and will never stop drinking WATER.  I drank a lot of water before, but this increase has been important to my success.  I believe in the importance of water (I purchased water bottles for my family for Christmas).


I have truly redeveloped myself and look forward to continuing with the Healthy Edge Community locally and online to continue to grow in these things that have impacted my well being, self worth, my relationships, and my work with my clients.  I am now in control of me and am embracing progress, not perfection."


August 18. 2016

amanda nelson 3












"I began my healthy edge journey by taking the 10 day challenge. I've always paid attention to and cared about eating healthy, but this gave me the push I needed to take it truly seriously. Wow, am I glad I did. I finished up the 10 days noticing an immediate change in how I was feeling and signed up with Healthy Edge Coach Lisa Suazo to coach me for the 8 week program. Lisa and I met in college and have always enjoyed each other's company at different events with mutual friends. I immediately felt comfortable opening up to the entire process with her guidance. She has been encouraging, asked excellent questions to challenge me, and trustworthy so I could feel safe in my realizations and growth.

As I began my journey and the coursework, I felt overwhelmed and unsure that I could embrace this new lifestyle. But as I worked my way through re-establishing my self worth and rewriting my belief systems, I discovered I can do this and indeed I have.
This program taught me a lot more about food than I even knew. While I did know a lot, I gained more education than I even expected about food labels and the tricks of marketing in the food industry. I also love how creating my own safe environment has set me up for success. I have learned to set up my own boundaries and expectations for myself with food and created an awareness I did not have before.

I laugh looking back at my "old self" when it comes to drinking water. I used to think my husband had a small bladder since we often stopped more for him on road trips than me. Times have changed! I learned he was the healthy one drinking water, and now I drink more water than he does! Just this alone has improved my health with less fatigue, less headaches, and when combined with 5 meals a day, I no longer over eat. The benefits of water are immeasurable, and how did I not embrace this before?! Well, thank you for teaching me this helpful tool properly!

With the vital mental coursework that went along with learning about healthy eating, I've taken my personal health to a new level of positive. The worksheets, questions, and soul searching that goes into becoming mentally healthy is worth each and every tear. I redeveloped my self worth and have learned I am responsible and in control of my own health and happiness. I have found stronger empathy in situations going on with people around me and learned to try not to let these emotions effect my own well being. With my new awareness, I am more in touch with what my own personal needs are, and how I choose to cope with different situations, and making an active choice about my decisions. I no longer am scrounging around for coping mechanisms, but have been set up for success by deeply thinking about what I can do to take care of myself in the best way possible. My family and I have been delivered some highly emotional and stressful curve balls this year. I found my way through the healthy edge anyway and in doing so, was able to handle these situations in a healthier way. The timing of this was perfect for me.

Since life throws these curve balls, I've learned to surrender to that which I can't control. This will continually be a challenge for me, however, I am more free to let things go and move forward than I ever have been able to do in my life previously. To do this feels so freeing.

This program is so all encompassing, that I am walking away feeling healthier, looking better, and finding a refreshed and renewed positive sense of self. I am more aware of myself and what goes on around me. I can surrender to things I can't change. This is exactly what I needed. I have found my happiness again and that was something I was desiring greatly. It also doesn't hurt that I've lost 2.75" from my waist and 3.5" from my hips!

I admire the intelligence, effort, time, compassion, and strength that it took to develop this program and all of it's components. I am so very grateful. You all have changed my life in the most positive direction I have ever seen, and the beauty of it all is that you have helped me recognize, I can do it. It is all up to me. My journey is my own. And, most importantly, to embrace progress, not perfection.

Thank you is just not enough. Please keep doing what you are doing."

Amanda Nelson