"I became a mother for the first time in October 2014. While I was so blessed to have been able to carry a healthy and beautiful baby girl, I was left with a body that wasn't familiar to me.


Not only did I have weight to lose, I had work to do on getting to the bottom of why I had the body image issues I've had for years - and ultimately how to change those belief systems.


Kara, my Healthy Edge Coach, held my hand through the process of overcoming these belief systems. Not only did she teach me the fundamentals of clean eating, she had tons of knowledge on clean living overall. She was always full of ideas on how to get a workout in, dinner ideas for the week, or a recommendation for a healthier household product for myself or my family.


I truly feel that the knowledge I gained during the 8 week Healthy Edge journey will stay with me for a lifetime. I would highly recommend working with a rock star Healthy Edge coach, like Kara!  YOU ARE WORTH IT!"


Meghan, Phoenix AZ


"The Healthy Edge Lifestyle has truly changed my life!  I had no idea that I could actually have energy.  I didn't realized how bogged down my body was with all of the processed foods that I used to eat.  I have been on my Healthy Edge journey for many years now and my husband and kids enjoy the Healthy Edge Lifestyle as well.  It's really not hard and soon your body craves all of those real foods.  I am never hungry or lacking with The Healthy Edge.  I love that it is not a diet... it's a lifestyle!"



“I have gone through the 8 week program and really learned a lot about myself. Some of the info I already knew but it was great hearing it from another source to cement it in. I was able to get rid of some of my belief systems that were blocking me from moving towards a healthier me. I love the support of my Healthy Edge coach who encouraged me along the way. I have a long way to go yet, but as Amber and my coach say over and over. "It’s not perfection it’s the progress". The social media support is wonderful as well. What a great group of folks. We are all on this journey together and that alone makes it well worth it. No one has to walk this road alone. Here's to a healthier 2017”





"The Healthy Edge Lifestyle is so simple - and believe me I have been on every "diet" that has come around in my 62 years. It is going on 6 months since I started Healthy Edge and I have lost 20 pounds without ever feeling deprived of anything I wanted. I am healthy, I feel great, my family has benefited from the healthy eating and they love every dish I make."


~ Debi O'Brien Certified Reflexologist and Reiki Master