Mel Before and AFter 2013Starting my family later in life, I have three young children at home requiring much of my time and attention. My daily struggle is to keep all of my plates spinning at the same time - work, kids, home, relationship – and attempt to have some sort of life for myself.

I discovered the “F” word (Forty) not to be so bad. Well, it certainly wasn’t fatal! I discovered a new part of my life beginning, a healthier life. I needed to release about 30 pounds and had a strong desire to see what my body could do (and look like) at 40. I began my new Healthy Edge lifestyle and was amazed not only that it worked but that it was easy!

I have more energy during the day, I have released over 40 pounds and I am able to easily manage my weight. I developed a passion for running, began training for triathlons and even started playing hockey with the men!  I skate circles around the twenty-something and I think I feel better than most of them!  I even sleep better, which is a necessity in my life. All of these improvements have led to a major transformation in my mood (with fewer swings to the dark side) which is probably the best perk for my family and friends.

If you are struggling with the demands of your daily life, know that there is something better. Make today the day you begin to take better care of yourself! Commit to living your best life.  Commit to The Healthy Edge. You’ll be glad you did! I am six years since I took The Healthy Edge and am STILL looking and feeling fabulous!


I have struggled with my weight and always thought I was weak when it came to weight loss. I beat myself up for not "arriving" at my perfect weight. I have started things a hundred times but never finished. I have "known" for a very VERY long time that it's not about the food. It's the emotional/mental part that was holding me back. BUT I have taken drastic measures all the while KNOWING it was not the best decision for my health including fen-phen and HCG, which were my attempts at my lowest points.

I learned in The Healthy Edge, that it is about knowing my worth, my WHY and valuing my life. I deserve to be healthy and what healthy looks like for me is what I have been working on. Progress not perfection is a Health Edge motto that is a tattooed on my mind and is with me always. Based on results I am absolutely progressing. Choice by choice and day by day, I am on a journey of with tools from The Healthy Edge that supports me in stopping self-sabotage in its path.

The Healthy Edge supported me in understanding the "why" behind my cravings and what my daily choices are doing to my body and WHY I am stuck. I feel I can break the cycle after I learned about insulin resistance, food labels and listening to my body after I eat. I now realize that making an empowering choice feels better than mindlessly feeding a craving! I sleep better and I feel my insides can breathe and aren’t being suffocated. When I am living the lifestyle, I feel amazing. I have released weight and inches and I proved myself wrong that healthy food is more expensive. I also love that I choose food and food no longer chooses me.