I have struggled with my weight and always thought I was weak when it came to weight loss. I beat myself up for not "arriving" at my perfect weight. I have started things a hundred times but never finished. I have "known" for a very VERY long time that it's not about the food. It's the emotional/mental part that was holding me back. BUT I have taken drastic measures all the while KNOWING it was not the best decision for my health including fen-phen and HCG, which were my attempts at my lowest points.

I learned in The Healthy Edge, that it is about knowing my worth, my WHY and valuing my life. I deserve to be healthy and what healthy looks like for me is what I have been working on. Progress not perfection is a Health Edge motto that is a tattooed on my mind and is with me always. Based on results I am absolutely progressing. Choice by choice and day by day, I am on a journey of with tools from The Healthy Edge that supports me in stopping self-sabotage in its path.

The Healthy Edge supported me in understanding the "why" behind my cravings and what my daily choices are doing to my body and WHY I am stuck. I feel I can break the cycle after I learned about insulin resistance, food labels and listening to my body after I eat. I now realize that making an empowering choice feels better than mindlessly feeding a craving! I sleep better and I feel my insides can breathe and aren’t being suffocated. When I am living the lifestyle, I feel amazing. I have released weight and inches and I proved myself wrong that healthy food is more expensive. I also love that I choose food and food no longer chooses me.