Julie Brockamp

I released 12 pounds over 8 weeks.  The most impressive thing on my health journey was not the weight, but the blood work after 8 weeks of healthy eating, exercise, quality supplementation and water.

Total cholesterol dropped 23 pts
Triglycerides dropped 69 pts
HDL increased 22 pts
LDL dropped 31 pts

Fasting glucose dropped 14 pts (The doctor used the words "unbelievable")
Cholesterol/HDL ratio dropped from 4 to 2.5

This is fantastic! I couldn’t wait to tell my endocrinologist! Thank you so much Healthy Edge. You have changed my life!"


After 3-4 weeks of the Healthy Edge program, I started noticing that my body was changing. My energy was increasing, I was sleeping better, and my mood was generally positive. My body not only looked different, it was moving differently – easier, smoother, with more bounce, and it actually felt good to move. After six weeks on the program, I realized that I no longer was in pain when I got out of bed in the morning. After 20 years of constant pain, I was feeling pretty good! And, as a bonus- without dieting-I had lost more than 10 pounds of unnecessary fat and toxins. The Healthy Edge videos and audios helped me dig through years and years of old messages that constantly told me “you don’t deserve to feel healthy”, “You’re really just a failure, so why try”, and “why bother? You’re going to feel sick until you die and that’s that”. They helped me dig deep into my psyche and root out those negative messages that have always kept me from success and replaced them with messages that said “I can do this!” “I deserve to feel healthy” and “I love my body and how it feels to be healthy”. My “I’m going to go downhill until I die” became “I feel better and better every day!”

My 12-week program is over now, but my health journey has just begun. With all of the tools that I’ve been given through the Healthy Edge program, the encouragement from my group members and my coach, and high-quality supplements that I now take, I have the confidence of knowing that the health I have sought for so long is really mine. By staying connected with the Healthy Edge community, I continue to have access to tasty, healthy recipes, encouraging videos and audios, information on food quality and how to make healthy choices, not to mention the encouragement and support of so many others who are on the same health journey I am on. My doctors had for years given me pills and sympathy, my friends and family gave me a listening ear, but the Healthy Edge program gave me hope and a new life that no longer revolves around disease and hopelessness but is bursting with health, happiness and life. My disease is not cured, but it no longer matters. I feel healthy and happy, my husband and I share a new, more active life that has brought back the things we haven’t been able to do in years such as hiking, bicycling, and camping. And as each day passes, I know that my body is getting stronger and healthier and that it will continue to heal until I my time on earth is through.

Gail Kesler

At 63, I started The Healthy Edge because of my daughter, Wendy. She wanted me to live longer and be healthy. I guess you can’t go wrong with that way of thinking. I had no expectations of what I would get out of this. In about a year, I released 57.5 pounds living the principles of The Healthy Edge.

I had done a bunch of fad diets in my lifetime. What was missing was I never addressed or changed my way of thinking. I have finally accepted that I was overweight because of me. I fully realized that I am responsible for myself and no one else. I started choosing to eat healthily and exercising more. I used the recipes provided by The Healthy Edge and they actually tasted good.  I mean, REALLY good.

In the program, I learned and fully realized that I could choose to be around people who make me feel good and not ones that try to take me down or make me feel bad. The Healthy Edge taught me about how to be strong and positive and feel good about myself.  The weight release is a bonus!


Testimony Terry Moore