Working with Amber as my Healthy Edge coach was a natural next step for me. I was ready to embark on a deeper dive in uncovering the beliefs and patterns of behavior that continued to keep me stuck. I knew that this was going to be a transformative process when I shared with Amber that I had a full schedule and wanted to wait until three months later. She lovingly, yet firmly, asked “What will be different with your life and schedule in three months?” She hit the “nail on the head” when she identified a pattern of “busy” that continued to keep me and my health on the bottom of my to-do list! I said “yes” to the partnership with Amber and have been set free in so many unexpected yet welcome ways!

I have found that “progress not perfection” has allowed me to make wise choices and be empowered to take ownership of my health journey from a creator stance rather than as a victim. I have uncovered unhealthy beliefs and patterns of behavior that I’ve had with me since my adolescent years, and have learned to lovingly embrace my inner child while making choices now as a wise, capable and resourceful adult. I am more aware of my physical body and the connection between my mind, body and spirit, allowing me to become more integrated and whole. I also learned that clean eating can be fast, easy and fun!

The basics that Amber teaches, the resources and recipes she provides, the encouragement and hand-holding she offered through some tough coaching calls, and the “one-liners” have all become sources of inspiration, challenge, discipline and support for me. I am forever grateful for Amber’s willingness to go to the “deep end” and for the continued healthy “me” that is emerging. I am continuing to leverage the information, insight and tools I have gained in working with Amber and look forward to finding my version of “Healthy Edge”. From here, anything is possible as I create, dream and become ALL that I am meant to be!

"Everyone who knows me knows that I love Jazzercise. I love seeing people reach their goals, get more toned and get great test results back at the doctor’s office. But many people will say: “Jazzercise just doesn’t work for me because I’m not losing weight.” Well, it is about so much more than just exercise. If you’re outeating your exercise plan, nothing will work for you! Not cross training, running or Jazzercise. The Healthy Edge is an amazing lifestyle program that will help you get your priorities right. It is not a diet; it is not a pill you can swallow. You will not see results overnight. But you will feel better, be healthier, learn so much about yourself and release some extra weight that you’ve accumulated.  And if you’re looking to improve your cardiovascular system and get more toned, Jazzercise can help with that."
Mirjam, Arizona
"I've only been part of The Healthy Edge for a short while (maybe a year or so) and while I definitely haven't arrived (who has?) and there's much I still want to improve upon, I can clearly recognize that I'm a different person because of you and The Healthy Edge. I don't say that many things are "life-changing," but THE is one of them that gets the "life-changing" label. Not only do I feel less intimidated in the kitchen (I've started trusting myself more and measuring less), but I feel safer in the kitchen. I'm not talking about the running-with-scissors sort of safe, but the sort of safe that empowers me to make smart choices.
Prior to joining THE, I wasn't someone who appeared to be unhealthy by society's standards; however, the internal battle with food, day in and day out, the shame and guilt I carried and sometimes still feel, created unhealthy habits and thought patterns. I honestly get teary-eyed thinking about the mental changes I notice in myself, and am even more emotional when I think about how these changes will affect my children's relationship with food. As a recovering perfectionist, I continue to feel such a relief when you remind us that perfection is the lowest standard we can hold ourselves to. I smile a little bit each time you tell us that there doesn't have to be a party each time we eat. I think of all of the other Healthy Edgers when I'm trying to meet my water goals (social anyone?). And I'm trying my best to incorporate a word I learned from you and think is cute and funny--yummo! Thank you Amber for listening to the Lord and doing what He purposed for you to do. You are changing lives and this life is forever grateful. Oh happy day!"
Cat W.


"I have just completed my first 8 weeks of Healthy Edge with health coach Julie Bass and two other dynamic women in our group. I, like most of us have tried every “diet” under the sun including a gastric bypass surgery 9 years ago. I have never learned to really eat so that I am feeding my body what it needs to be healthy. The focus has always been how it looks, not how it feels.


With the Healthy Edge I feel great! But not only has it helped me to be at the size I want, it has helped me to understand the emotional traps I so easily have fallen into. I have a son with a mental illness who has been a recluse in his room for around 20 years. Because I keep healthy food prepared he has been eating a much healthier diet. I have seen a new person evolve in him in the past 6 weeks. He loves the food I have been preparing and he is coming out of his room and actually visits with my husband and myself. He has even left the house to walk the dogs! This may not sound like much but I don’t know this vibrant person with this glorious smile! It brings me to tears what my change in eating has done for him!


I am so thankful to this program that has been laid out before me over the past 8 weeks. Now that I have completed the lessons on getting my emotional eating intact and learning to read labels and eating to nourish my body I am ready to start this journey to a healthy life. Thank you Healthy Edge!"


Debi O