Our Story

Legacy of Our Mom

intromompicOur mom, Arlene Brenamen, did not die without cause or reason. Her journey, struggle and death became the fuel for a passion we eventually took to the world. It's called The Healthy Edge.

If you have ever experienced watching someone you love become someone you barely recognize, because of a disease or poor health, you understand this statement, "Your health is priceless." Through our mom's battle with breast cancer, she taught us that every moment that God gives us is a blessing not a guarantee, that life is about the little things we may be missing by not truly experiencing life, that each time you leave someone you love you kiss them, hug them and tell them you love them. She taught us that “this too shall pass”, that you can’t control what life throws at you but you can choose how you will respond to it and love is always the answer. There is no time for bitterness and resentment and the time to change is always now. Most importantly, she knew that LIFE IS NOT ABOUT ME but about something much bigger. The Healthy Edge represents our "something much bigger". Thank you mom for the inspiration.

Sisters, Amber Thiel and April Willer watched their beautiful and vibrant mother battle breast cancer for 8 years. During this experience it became evident to them that your physical and emotional health is the foundation for living a fulfilling and purposeful life.

How The Healthy Edge Began

brianandamberThe Healthy Edge began as a grass root effort by Amber and Brian Thiel in Seattle, WA. As a former college professor, personal trainer and college athlete and coach, Amber conducted weekly seminars and coaching and Brian demonstrated how to prepare quick, easy and delicious meals in the kitchen. After sharing eight weeks of empowerment and accountability with over 225 people, it became clear that The Healthy Edge message was a realistic lifestyle approach to health and weight release that needed to be shared with the world. Amber and Brian partnered with April, Amber’s sister, and her husband, Brandon, and officially launched The Healthy Edge, LLC in March of 2009.

amber copyThe Healthy Edge grew from the Thiel's living room to a core group of 60 certified Healthy Edge coaches using the professional and comprehensive Healthy Edge system that duplicated what Amber and Brian had created in their living room. Hundreds of Healthy Edge Coaches span across the U.S., Canada and Australia. The Healthy Edge spreads the message of health and hope through certified health coaches and a proven and professional lifestyle system and tools created for the coaches and their clients to ensure maximum success. The 12-week coaches certification program creates confidence and competence through effective coaching, business success systems, The Five Healthy Edge Daily Goals and community.

What We Believe

online_communityThe Healthy Edge believes the rise in degenerative diseases including heart disease, cancer and diabetes are predominantly symptoms of personal lifestyle choices. Without making a fundamental change in the way we live, these diseases will lead to a generation of children that are expected to die at a younger age than their parents. We are creating a powerful movement to educate and empower families to live long, healthy and abundant lives. Childhood obesity and lifestyle diseases will no longer be a reality when we choose to take personal responsibility for the health of ourselves and our families. The Healthy Edge provides the foundation for this transformation in our society.

Read our Mission Statement here.