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When people think of a system to transform health they look to The Healthy Edge.

By 2018, The Healthy Edge will be the provider of the nation’s most comprehensive and transformative dietary and lifestyle education program.

We will accomplish this by:

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  • Ensuring that our individual, community and business customers receive an exceptional nutritional and behavioral based experience, successfully transitioning them to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Valuing and treating each of our end-user customers as individuals on their own health journey and practicing the philosophy of “progress, not perfection”.
  • Dedicating significant resources to developing, certifying and partnering with a diverse range of highly committed and passionate health coaches, trainers and wellness practitioners and by supporting them in realizing the lucrative financial and emotional awards that accompany a successful health coaching business.

We believe that through easily accessible education, empowerment and a community of support and accountability, we can facilitate long lasting change in people’s lives, both emotionally and physically. This will allow them, their families and future generations to lead a more purposeful and abundant life.


Values of The Healthy Edge

In order to fulfill our mission, we embrace and operate from the following values:

staircase to heavenHigher purpose

We believe in a higher power, we call God, Who sets within us our divine purpose. We passionately embrace our purpose to set people free from the restraints of poor health so they can realize and fulfill the divine purpose for their lives.

Powerful Partnerships

We embrace and partner with a diverse range of highly committed and passionate health coaches, trainers and wellness practitioners to positively impact the health of the world.

Health Transformation

We believe everOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAy person have the ability to change, grow, heal and thrive in their health. We are committed supporting and empowering others in their transformation.

Personal Responsibility

We take full ownership for our results. We operate from a place of integrity and transparency in all that we do.


We are innovators in the health industry, committed to cultivating and executing new ideas, partnerships and methods to enhance people’s health.

Personal Growth

We are lifelong learners. We take advantage and seek out opportunities that stretch and challenge us to expand our capacity to transform more lives.


In everything we do, we strive for excellence. We deliver the highest quality and most impactful education, tools, certification training and health community available.


We are committed to financial prosperity of our partners, our community and our families and utilize our resources to make a difference in the world.