About Us

From CEO, Amber Thiel

I believe your life is more than gaining and losing weight. I have hope for your health and the health of the next generation. People don't want or need another diet, they want a solution. I believe that solution lies in looking beyond what we want to physically change to the reasons why we KEEP DOING the behaviors that lead to our physical issues. Let's face it. We eat when we are not hungry. We eat for reasons beyond nourishing our body. Many of us spend a lot of time living in fear, grief, obsession, guilt, disappointment, hopelessness, confusion, overwhelm and resentment when it comes to our health. We turn to unhealthy and processed food to comfort, to numb, to escape, to punish, to reward and to substitute love. Many of us will spend a lifetime frantically trying to "fix" what's on the outside, when the real solution lies on the inside. I invite you to take a look at The Healthy Edge if you are ready for an honest and real approach to finally overcome the excuses, self-sabotaging behavior and unhealthy mindset that holds you back from living out your most abundant life.

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Amber Thiel, Owner